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January 19, 2019
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Have you ever dreamed of ruling an empire?

flying lady

As a little girl, I somehow skipped the Disney princess phase and went straight to fantasizing about women with real power: ancient queens and mythic goddesses. Magical women who could tame dragons, turn enemies to stone and fly through the air. I’ve been thinking about them again recently, wondering why we don’t have more stories and images of women who wield power gloriously and admirably. Would it make a difference?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a show tracing the roots of cultural anxiety about women and power all the way back to the ancient, Classical world. I learned about Hatshepsut, one of Egypt’s greatest female pharaohs; about Circe, the first witch in Western literature; and about the great bird goddesses of old. I found it unexpectedly empowering. And I’m very curious to know if you will, too. Let me know!


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Taking Flight, The Throne, Or The Spellbook: The Ways We Process Anxiety Over Women In Power

Women Who Rule
It's common in literary and historical accounts of powerful women to make them out to be villains — witches, demons, succubi, changelings — or erase them entirely. Historian Kara Cooney, author Madeline Miller, Religious scholar Serenity Young, and classics scholar Emily Wilson talk about why that might be.
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Bullying, Buses, Environmentalism, and Donald Trump: The Poetic Thinking of Teens

Teens on stage
Charles Monroe-Kane recently sat down to talk with the founder of the "Louder Than A Bomb" youth poetry — poet Kevin Coval — as well as two high school poets — Luis Carranza and Kee Stein — to hear more about how poetry is empowering teens.
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Author Angie Thomas: Burn It All Down Or Use Those Emotions In My Art

Angie Thomas
The hit young adult author on how she channeled feelings in the wake of a tragedy into her debut novel, "The Hate U Give."
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