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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
May 4, 2019
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Doom Isn't The End Of Hope

If you popped into our offices this week, or hung out in the hallway, you would have heard all of us talking about the impending, depressing, imminent end of life as we know it on this planet. Weirdly, it was because we were in the throes of producing our final episode of our three-part series on hope.

The title of that final episode? "Are We Really Doomed?"

The language comes from Roy Scranton’s book “We’re Doomed. Now What?” He paints a no-turning-back picture of how climate change is changing our lives, right now.

But the answer — the “now what?” — is more complicated.

Sure, Scranton and others we interviewed for the series say, yes, we are doomed. The planet has been irreversibly changed. But we still need to keep moving, creating our hope like the activists and artists we spoke to, and look deep (even deeper) for hope within ourselves and our communities like the theologians and neuroscientists.

Hope isn't dampened by despair. It exists in spite of it.

—Shannon and Charles

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Can We Find Hope? Or Do We Need To Make Our Own?

Conceptually, hope feels big, amorphous, hard to define exactly. But for the past few months, "To The Best Of Our Knowledge" producers have been trying anyway. Scientists, activists, futurists, theologians, artists, authors all weighed in on what they think when they hear the word "hope."
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Can We Have Hope If The World Is 'Doomed'?

Barren wastes
Journalist and essayist Roy Scranton has been called "our Jeremiah of the Anthropocene." His book "We’re Doomed. Now What?" is a hard-headed — often terrifying — look at how climate change could transform our planet, and how that impact might shape our daily thoughts and experiences.
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Tales of Dragons That Fight Segregation, and AI That Fights Transphobia

AI robots and dragons
Victor LaValle is the editor of a collection of short stories where — even in dire situations and terrifying futures — everyone has a place, and a chance at being the hero.
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How A Colony On Mars Would Change Everything On Earth

man on mars
Fear about the future of the planet keeping you up at night? Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin has a solution: it’s time to settle Mars.
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