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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
February 2, 2019
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❄️🥶 Embrace The Cold

icey eyes

There’s a counter-intuitive technique for getting comfortable in cold weather: relax. Stop trying to withstand the cold and lean in. When frost crystals form on your eyelashes and spearmint-fresh air shocks your lungs, it’s surprisingly helpful to remember that extreme cold is part of the natural cycle of planetary life. We spent this week’s polar vortex curled under down quilts, but mentally, we traveled across the poles, swam with penguins, and learned how to freeze and thaw in winter ponds. And now that we have a deeper appreciation of the cold… is it spring yet?


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Elemental Cooking With Chef Samin Nosrat

Salt, fat, acid, heat
The chef, author, and Netflix star developed her own philosophy of cooking, based on a few universal principles: salt, fat, acid and heat. She says it allows us to cook by following our taste buds, rather than a recipe book.
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Swimming to Antarctica

Cox was the first person to complete a 1.2 mile swim in Antarctica, from the ship Orlova to Neko Harbor in 25 minutes.
Lynne Cox is an extreme swimmer. At 18, she swam between the islands of New Zealand. She broke the men's and women's records for the English Channel. Then she did the unthinkable — swimming to Antarctica.
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The Contemplative Silence Of A Cold, Lonely Journey

A lonely Antartic landscape.
In 1993, Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge became the first person to cross Antarctica alone. It took him 50 days. The thing that had the biggest impact on him was the silence.
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How To Catch A Neutrino

The IceCube Lab at the South Pole
Francis Halzen, the lead scientist of the IceCube Neutrino Detector, explains how light sensors buried deep in the ice at the South Pole detected a neutrino that traveled four billion light-years.
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A Fast-Talking Curator's Great Escape From Galleries Into The Real World

Umbrellas as art
Celebrated curator Hans Ulrich Obrist has a vision: get art out of galleries and into the real world.
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Ingenuity of Animals in Winter

Polar bear
Depending on where you live, winter can be tough to get through. It’s cold, it gets dark early, the weather’s messy. Naturalist Bernd Heinrich shares some amazing stories about the ingenious ways animals survive winter.
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Embrace the Cold

ice up close

Low temperatures don't have to get you down — stay indoors and celebrate our collective triumphs over frigid conditions with this collection of conversations about embracing the cold.

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T.C. Boyle Recommends “Winter World”

"Winter World" by Bernd Heinrich
How does a hummingbird survive in subzero winter temperatures? Why endure them at all? Author T.C. Boyle couldn’t understand why the small bird would be anywhere near his mountain writing retreat, but he found the answer in Bernd Heinrich’s “Winter World.”
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The Modern Ruins Of American Movie Palaces

Uptown Theatre
Photographer Matt Lambros takes us inside America’s abandoned movie palaces.
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The Unheard Stories of the "Urban Indian"

A powwow in 2015 at the Institute for American Indian Arts.
Tommy Orange's debut novel “There There” was one of the big breakout books of 2018. He told Steve that with his novel, he hoped to better represent modern Native Americans that have grown up living in cities.
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