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October 5, 2020

UW System Tuition Balances Down By Nearly 60 Percent From 2013 Levels

empty tables line a concrete walkway that leads up to the university center
A WPR records request found that the UW System campuses have been forced to spend down tuition reserves by nearly 60 percent since 2013. Now, a growing number of campuses are turning to staff cuts to address shortfalls caused by declining enrollment, unexpected coronavirus costs and an eight-year freeze on tuition increases mandated by state lawmakers.  Read more »

County Sales Tax Revenues Buck Negative Projections, For Now

a woman in an American flag face mask puts her arms up on a display of fudge
Consumer spending in Wisconsin is so far bucking projections that the COVID-19 crisis could cause counties to experience significant losses in sales tax revenues this year. State data shows that overall, counties have drawn in $18.6 million more than the same time last year.  Read more »

Amid Challenges, Milwaukee Police Department Searches For New Leader

A flag is reflected in the window of a Milwaukee Police Department vehicle
Six candidates, including five from out of state, will be interviewed for Milwaukee's top cop position in the midst of one of the Police Department's most challenging years. Read more »

Resigning Sauk County Health Officer Says Leaders Rejected Science, Undermined Pandemic Response

Signage during COVID-19 outbreak
The health officer in Sauk County is resigning from his position. He says elected leaders there ignored scientific evidence about COVID-19 and pressured him to retract public health guidance.  Read more »

More Than 200 Green Bay Doctors Ask Community, Elected Officials To Stop Being 'Reckless'

Patient being wheeled through hospital
Health care providers across the state warn elected officials that and residents increased hospitalizations will soon overwhelm the system.  Read more »

State Sees 1,865 New COVID-19 Cases, 5 New Deaths On Sunday

People line up behind a health care worker at a mobile Coronavirus testing site
There were 1,865 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Sunday, according to the state Department of Health Services. There were five new deaths. Read more »

Ron Johnson Tests Positive For COVID-19

Ron Johnson
Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19, telling reporters Saturday that he's feeling no symptoms and he took the test out of an abundance of caution. Johnson said he learned the results of the test Friday shortly after speaking at a Republican Party fundraiser in Ozaukee County. Read more »

How To Vote By Mail In Wisconsin And Make Sure It Counts

election inspector alphabetizes and organizes absentee ballots
How can a voter be sure to fill out their absentee ballot so that it will be accepted and counted? Here are some tips from election officials and reporters who have been covering the issue of absentee voting. Read more »

State Supreme Court To Weigh In On Absentee Ballot Case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court
The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to weigh in on whether the Republican-controlled Legislature has standing to challenge a ruling by federal court. Read more »
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