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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
August 31, 2019
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Studs Terkel on the Meaning of Work

Studs Terkel in studio
Studs Terkel talked with people from of all walks of life about their work, from firefighters, to steel workers, to labor activist Cesar Chavez. As part of a whole radio hour examining work, we hear snippets of Terkel's wisdom on how life for blue collar workers has changed over the years.
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Even With Jobs, The Middle Class Is Feeling the Squeeze

man moving steel
Alissa Quart spent the last few years traveling around the country, talking with all kinds of people about work. What she found is a lot of people with jobs that look good on paper but who feel — in a word — squeezed.
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Control The Data, Control The World

Data streams
Yuval Noah Harari is the big-thinking historian who warns that whoever owns the data owns the future. He told Steve Paulson that it’s become the most important resource in the world.
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Should We Flee Social Media Or Fix It?

flee or stay our social media platforms?
A pioneering computer scientist thinks we should delete our accounts, while an internet ethicist argues we should fix the system rather than abandon it entirely.
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