Sunday, August 11, 2019
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6:00am | It's Been A Minute with Sam Sanders - The World Is Complicated. Let's Talk.

It's a conversation about the news, culture, and everything in between. And not just what happened, but how it felt.

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7:00am | Only A Game - From Little League To The Hall Of Fame

For the serious sports fan and the steadfast avoider, we explore the human side of sports and competition in our culture.

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8:00am | Says You! - A Game Of Bluff And Bluster, Words And Whimsy

Take one word, add two teams, create three definitions and throw in a live audience and you've got Says You! It's like badminton with words.

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9:00am | A Way With Words - A Show About Language And How We Use It

Examine language through history, culture, and family on A Way With Words.  Examine language through history, culture, and family on A Way With Words. 

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10:00am | Milk Street Radio - New Home Cooking

We explore food and cooking through the lives and cultures of the people who grow, produce, and create what we eat and drink.

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11:00am | Bullseye With Jesse Thorn - Maximum Fun

Focusing on what's good in popular culture, Bullseye brings you hot culture picks, original comedy, and in-depth interviews.

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12:00pm | Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - Test Your News Knowledge

Test your knowledge against some of the best and brightest in the news and entertainment world, while figuring out what's real news and what's made up.

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1:00pm | To the Best of Our Knowledge - Yuck!

Disgust is such a powerful emotion, and so easily evoked. A single disgusting word or image can make most anyone feel queasy, but it also turns out to be a powerful driver of human behavior, influencing everything from who you love to who you'll vote for. This hour, we're delving into the new science of revulsion.

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2:00pm | This American Life - Stories On A Theme

Like little movies for radio, This America Life brings us funny moments, big feelings, surprising plot twists, and interesting ideas.

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3:00pm | Radiolab - Where Science Meets Storytelling

Devoted to investigating a strange world, we make science accessible.

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4:00pm | University Of The Air - From Buckets to Robots: Dairy Technology And Its Impact On Wisconsin

Are robots the future of dairying in Wisconsin? According to our guest, in some ways, cows prefer them to humans. We find out how technology is changing dairying in Wisconsin and elsewhere as we trace the evolution of the industry from buckets to robots.

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5:00pm | Simply Folk - August Request Show

Tune in for an evening packed with great listener requests, including a Hocąk (Ho-Chunk) traditional love song, music for the August festival of Santo Domingo, new releases by Wisconsin artists, and much more.

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8:00pm | Old Time Radio Drama - 'The Cisco Kid'

A newspaper editor urges the citizens of Cottonwood Bluffs to go after the lawless community, in "Convict Valley." Originally aired 08/05/54.

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8:30pm | Old Time Radio Drama - 'Command Performance'

The first tune is a spectacular "Tiger Rag" by The Mills Brothers, in "Walter Pigeon, Mary Martin, Marlene Dietrich." Originally aired 08/11/42.

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9:00pm | Old Time Radio Drama - 'NBC University Theater'

The classic story about a 19th century American, back in the days of chivalry, in “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” Originally aired 08/06/50.

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10:00pm | Old Time Radio Drama - 'Radio City Playhouse'

A man kills a young boy on the highway and finds himself unable to live with the consequences, in "Hit and Run." Originally aired 08/14/48.

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10:30pm | Old Time Radio Drama - 'The Black Museum'

Nat Boulton, club owner, has been shot and a butcher is conked. Both crime scenes are tagged with a mysterious message, in "Kilroy Was Here." Originally aired in 1952.

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11:00pm | BBC World Service - Programming From The BBC

Whenever and wherever news breaks, the BBC World Service is there. WPR broadcasts the BBC World Service throughout the night until 6:00 a.m.

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