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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
November 17, 2018

Say Hello To A New Voice

Angelo Bautista

The newest member of the TTBOOK family arrived this week, fresh from Washington, DC and Bloomington, Indiana. We’re delighted to introduce Angelo Bautista, an incredibly talented young producer with one of the most engaging voices we’ve heard. He’s one of
AIR’s 2018 New Voices (along with former producer Haleema Shah, who’s now hosting the Smithsonian’s Sidedoor podcast).

Angelo interned with NPR’s Code Switch and he worked his way through college at WFIU, Indiana Public Media, but we fell in love with the audio essays he’s been producing on his own for years — like this one, about growing up telling spooky Filipino ghost stories over campfires; and this one, which starts out as a visit to a Filipino food truck, but turns into an unexpected story about the human connections that transcend Red/Blue politics.

You’ll be hearing more of Angelo in the weeks to come, but for now, help us welcome him to his new public radio home. And give him a follow on Twitter.


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Your Body or Your Mind

Remember debating the mind-body duality in college? You probably argued the meaning of Descartes’ adage “I think, therefore I am” in your dorm. Maybe you even delved into the idea of what is consciousness. But for Lauren Slater, author of “Prozac Diary,” the mind-body argument isn’t just a debate or an intellectual pursuit.
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Live @ Jewish Museum Milwaukee: Hollywood on Trial with Tony Kahn

Tony Kahn, radio producer/personality

On December 13, Steve will be interviewing radio producer Tony Kahn live on stage at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. As the son of blacklisted screenwriter Gordon Kahn, Tony had a unique vantage point on what it was like to live through the era of the Hollywood blacklist. Here's a summary of what they'll be discussing.

Gordon Kahn was a successful American author and screenwriter who was blacklisted for his defense of the Hollywood Ten entitled Hollywood on Trial, written in 1948. Gordon was subsequently subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), but was never called to testify. Fearing arrest, Gordon sold his 13-room Beverly Hills home and fled to Mexico where his wife and sons joined him six months later.

Tony Kahn, radio producer/personality and son of Gordon Kahn, will share stories of his family and how they were all affected by the ongoing stress of unemployment, FBI surveillance, and accusations. Tony will address the psychological challenges of this upbringing and detail the intergenerational strife and isolation that were hallmarks of his childhood.

The conversation will be facilitated by Steve Paulson, the Executive Producer and one of the founders of To The Best Of Our Knowledge. Paulson has been a contributing writer for Salon and Nautilus and has written for Slate, Huffington Post and The Atlantic. His radio reports have also been broadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

For more info on the event — including where to get tickets — visit the Jewish Museum Milwaukee website.

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When It's Real, The Stakes Are Higher

Terese Marie Mailhot
Terese Marie Mailhot's brave and beautiful memoir about life on a Pacific Northwest reservation is making waves. She originally intended to tell her story as fiction, but ultimately made the difficult decision to write the whole, painful truth.
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Errol Morris: Thomas Kuhn Threw an Ashtray at Me

A semi-motionless ashtray
Why the filmmaker is still outraged by the famous philosopher of science.
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