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February 20, 2017

With these unexpectedly warm February temperatures, we're suddenly thinking spring (sorry for this thought likely triggering a spring blizzard). We've been out meeting a 91-year-old yodeling bar owner, a lawyer-turned-chocolatier, a ten-time logrolling champ, and two practitioners of the German Wheel.

We also love a wacky holiday so we're marking our calendars for "Curling is Cool" day on February 23rd. In case you don't yet think curling is cool, check out this story on the coach of the U.S. Paralympic curling team or this curling stone's "eye view" of a trip down the ice.

-Your Wisconsin Life team
The Busiest Man In Milwaukee

Jay Anderson plays in more bands than we can count and is on stage in Milwaukee nearly every night of the week, playing blues, soul, R&B, rock, Ethopian music, and more. He also grows his own food and shares his love of farming with kids. We try to figure out how he does it.
Photo: Jay Anderson Music
Lovely Fields Of Lavender
We recently shared this story about the largest lavender farm in the Midwest on Facebook, right here on our very own Washington Island. You loved it, and we loved hearing from you. Hillary wrote, "One of my favorite places to visit when we go! This very farm was the start of my love for lavender." And Lisa recommended the ice cream (noted!), writing, "Such a beautiful place! We loved the lavender ice cream." 

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Out in the Field
We turned the camera on award-winning photographer Saiyna Bashir. The Pakistani-born Bashir is the staff photographer for Madison's Capital Times.
Things We Love
We're always coming across stories we love and can't wait to share. Here are some things we've read/seen/heard lately:
  • As her twin sister tackles the American Birkebeiner (it's coming up this weekend), writer Katie Venit ponders the very different paths their lives have taken in Volume One
  • The great design podcast 99% Invisible shares a great Wisconsin story about our own Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Stories passed down from grandparent to grandchild often tell stories of identity – who we were and who we are. But what if those people aren't around to share those stories? 
"Something About A Flower"
We’re excited to introduce an original feature in our newsletter. Storyteller Rodney Lambright II has created a comic series about the rich, multi-generational relationship between a single father, his young daughter and his retirement-age parents called Something about a Flower. 

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Five Questions With Producer Trevor Keller

Trevor Keller is a video producer for Wisconsin Life. He's responsible for finding new stories, conducting interviews and writing segments for the television series. An Indiana native, Trevor returned to the Midwest in 2016 after six years in Atlanta. His winter wardrobe has nearly doubled in size in that time.

1.       Name your favorite Wisconsin Life story and why?

Every story is so different, it’s hard to pick just one. One in particular that I loved working on was “Feast of Crispian.” It’s a therapy program at Milwaukee’s Zablocki VA Hospital that uses Shakespeare to treat veterans with PTSD. We shot the story during an intense weekend, and it was incredible to watch the transformation that took place over three days. Veterans who came in quiet and reserved on Friday evening were confidently belting out full Shakespeare scenes on Sunday afternoon. It was an honor to tell that story.

2.       What is the most fun you have had yet working on Wisconsin Life?

The best part of Wisconsin Life is traveling the state meeting so many different, interesting people. I truly love hearing people’s stories. You learn so much by just talking to people about their passions, and it’s inspiring to see how far people will go to overcome the obstacles life places in front of them.

3.       What do you love about Wisconsin?

The natural beauty of the state. From Door County to the Northwoods to the Mississippi River bluffs, there’s so much to see here.

4.       You’re having a dream dinner party. What three people, dead or alive – real or fictional, would you invite?

Robin Williams, Steve Martin and Bob Uecker. If nothing else, it'll be entertaining.

5.       When not working on Wisconsin Life what are your hobbies?

My favorite hobbies are photography and hiking. When the weather’s nice, I like to get outside and explore. I also enjoy listening to music, watching sports and playing old arcade games.

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