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August 13, 2019

Barron County Study Aims To Address Shortage Of Homes, Apartments

Housing construction
A study underway in Barron County suggests the City of Barron has zero available homes for sale despite a need for 176 single-family homes. The report also says more than 118 apartment units need to be built to address demand.  Read more »

Evers Tells Wisconsin Business Leaders To Welcome Diverse Workers

Tony Evers, 2019
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is telling the state's business leaders to embrace diversity and make all people feel welcome in order to help deal with worker shortages and an aging population. Read more »

Wisconsin Republicans Push Mental Health Bills

Wisconsin capitol interior
Wisconsin Republican lawmakers are circulating a package of bills designed to improve access to mental health services in the state. Read more »

Drowning In Zucchini? A Few Ideas To Help You Through The Season

At the end of summer when the farmers market stands are piled high with some of the best produce the season has to offer, one vegetable appears to be king.  Read more »

Port Milwaukee Pursuing Formal Partnership With Quebec

Milwaukee's port is pursuing a partnership with the Quebec government in hopes of growing international trade for Wisconsin. Read more »

Evers Asks Trump To End Trade Wars To Save Farmers

Gov. Tony Evers is urging President Donald Trump to end his trade war with China because it's hurting Wisconsin farmers. Read more »
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