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April 8, 2021

Wisconsin Business Owners Say Federal Stimulus Can Help Them Build Post-Pandemic Futures

Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant in Green Bay
Leaders of Wisconsin businesses in hard-hit sectors say the millions in federal aid set to be distributed is a chance to help them recover from the pandemic's effects and make lasting changes in their industries.  Read more »

Wisconsin GOP Plans For Latest Federal Relief Money May Not Be Allowed

Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda
GOP lawmakers forged ahead Wednesday with proposals to spend billions of dollars in federal COVID-19 recovery aid headed to Wisconsin even as a new nonpartisan analysis found some of their plans may run afoul of federal guidelines. Read more »

UW Students Who Get Vaccinated Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Testing Requirements

A student in a face mask rolls a blue bin filled with belongings
UW System students vaccinated against COVID-19 won't have to undergo regular testing following a directive from interim-president Tommy Thompson. Read more »

Drugs Targeting Immune Response To COVID-19 Show Promise

Deaths from COVID-19 are often due to the immune system overreacting to the coronavirus. New drugs to suppress that
Researchers are reporting some progress in their search for drugs that tamp down the overwhelming immune reaction that can kill a patient with COVID-19. Read more »

Feds Paying $1M To Settle Case Of VA Patient Who Died From Exposure To Frigid Temperatures

William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
The United States government will pay $1 million to the family of Vance E. Perry who died in 2017 after being discharged from William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital during bitterly cold temperatures. Read more »

DNR Secretary Preston Cole Urges Lawmakers To Fund Efforts To Address PFAS, Buy Public Lands

Preston Cole speaking in La Crosse
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole told lawmakers Wednesday that a lack of funding is a threat to identifying and addressing contamination from so-called forever chemicals known as PFAS.  Read more »
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