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July 24, 2020

As Coronavirus Spread Increases In Wisconsin, Schools Look To Virtual Options. But Access Is Uneven

Elliott Bucks works on an online class assignment from his sixth grade class
Some Wisconsin school districts are opting for virtual learning in the fall, which has upped interest in virtual learning contractors and charter schools -- at least for those with reliable internet.  Read more »

As Pandemic Keeps Workers, Students Home, Milwaukee Wants To Expand Broadband Access

broadband tower, internet
Many Milwaukee residents lack access to affordable, reliable internet. This week, the city’s Finance and Personnel Committee began looking at ways to expand high-speed internet access for residents. Read more »

WisContext: From Union Contracts To City Commissions, How Police Oversight Works In Wisconsin

Photo for article
Police unions and the labor contracts they negotiate with local governments are seeing renewed scrutiny in communities across the United States. Read more »

Wisconsin Congressional Delegation Divided On Continuing COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits, Other Relief Issues

The Wisconsin State Capitol
As Congress continues to debate how additional money should be allocated for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Wisconsin's delegation have differing views on what the priorities should be for that relief. Read more »

Gov. Tony Evers: More UW System Cuts Coming, Statewide Mask Mandate Under Consideration

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers
Gov. Tony Evers says more budget cuts are coming to the University of Wisconsin System as the state budget tightens during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more »

State Regulators Extend Moratorium On Utility Shutoffs For Residential Customers

electricity meters
State regulators have decided to extend a moratorium on utility shutoffs for residential customers through Sept. 1. The decision comes after a number of groups and Madison's mayor asked the Public Service Commission to postpone disconnections.  Read more »

How Wisconsin’s 23,000 Rejected Absentee Ballots Could Spell Trouble For The November Election

mail-in ballots being counted
As states like Wisconsin move toward mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic, voters face potentially having their ballots rejected over issues like missing a line on a form. Slightly more than 23,000 ballots were thrown out in the state's April election. Read more »

'We Need Help': First Responders Ask For Mental Health Aid As Part Of Pandemic Response

Lake Country Fire Department ambulance, rural ems, coronavirus, pandemic
First responders providing emergency medical services routinely face high rates of depression, burnout and suicidal thoughts. The added stress of the pandemic is making it worse. Read more »
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