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October 13, 2020

This Wisconsin Native Became A World-Class Doctor. Now He's Drawing Pro Athletes To Green Bay

Dr. Anderson stands with his arms crossed on a sunny day. Lambeau Field can be seen behind him.
Green Bay has long held an outsized spot on the sports map thanks to the success of the Green Bay Packers. But now, top professional athletes are arriving at Austin Straubel Airport for another reason: to see Dr. Robert Anderson, a Wisconsin native and top foot and ankle surgeon. Read more »

Online, Mail-In Voter Registration Deadline Nears In Wisconsin

people registering to vote
Wednesday is the final day Wisconsin residents can take advantage of remote options for registering to vote before the Nov. 3 election. Read more »

Third Wisconsin Prison Experiences Coronavirus Outbreak

Prison fence
The Racine Correctional Institution/Sturtevant Transitional Facility had 127 active COVID-19 cases among prisoners as of Monday, according to DOC. Read more »

Some Small Business Owners Say They Won't See Much Help From Gov. Evers' $5K Grants

A pedestrian wears a face mask while passing by an open coffee shop
Gov. Tony Evers announced a second round of state aid to small businesses hurt by the pandemic, but some business owners say the aid won't help them. The program provides $5,000 grants to businesses like restaurants, bars, barber shops, and hair and nail salons. Read more »

State GOP Lawmakers Get Involved In Dispute Over Public Health Restrictions On Gatherings

state capitol, Laura Zimmerman WPR
A panel led by Republican state lawmakers is getting involved in a dispute over Wisconsin's new restrictions on indoor gatherings, a step that could potentially block the restrictions or tee up another legal challenge. Read more »

Accused Michigan Terrorists Have Ties To Extremist Group Active In Wisconsin

protesters carry rifles near the steps of the Michigan State Capitol building
The men arrested in a kidnapping plot against Michigan's governor were connected with a movement of anti-government extremists that's active in Wisconsin. Experts say the groups can foster dangerous radicalization of their members. Read more »

Indigenous Peoples Day Moves Largely Online Amid Pandemic

On Monday, members of the Oneida Nation gathered for a sacred tobacco burning ceremony in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day. Attendance was limited, but the ceremony was streamed online. It's just one example of native communities finding a way to come together and celebrate despite the coronavirus pandemic. Read more »
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