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August 12, 2019

Wisconsin Farms Spending Less Due To Low Prices, Increased Consolidation

Spring farmland with farm in the distance
Wisconsin farms spent less on production costs in 2018 as producers continue to deal with consolidation and tough economic conditions. Read more »

UW Study Indicates Brain Bounces Back After Anesthesia

A new study from University of Wisconsin researchers on cognitive ability after surgery shows the mental decline is slight. Read more »

A U.S.-China Currency War? What You Need To Know

NPR image
Last Monday, China let the yuan drop to its lowest value since 2008. The currency is now trading at just over 7 yuan to the dollar. Read more »

With So Many Startups Growing Into Unicorns, Can They Still Be Magical?

NPR image
In the world of startups, unicorns are companies that are said to possess a rare kind of entrepreneurial magic. They're privately held ventures worth $1 billion or more. Read more »

Sen. Tammy Baldwin Tours Ballast Water Research Facility In Superior

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin visited northern Wisconsin this week to tour work aimed at reducing the spread of invasive species on the Great Lakes.  Read more »

Ironwood Puts Out Water Advisory For Michigan, Wisconsin Residents

Tap water faucet
A Michigan city bordering Wisconsin says samples collected from drinking water wells have found high levels of manganese.  Read more »

Lunar Festival In Milwaukee This Weekend Features Giant Moon Replica

Museum of the Moon
Visitors to a lunar festival celebration this weekend in Milwaukee will be dancing in the (artificial) moonlight during a pop-up art exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing. Read more »
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