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February 6, 2020

Line 5 Reroute In Northern Wisconsin Sows Division Among Some Communities

Jan Penn looks out over her property
A Canadian energy firm is exploring alternate routes for an oil pipeline that runs through northern Wisconsin. Last summer, the Bad River tribe filed a lawsuit against Enbridge aimed at shutting down and removing the pipeline from its reservation. The proposed relocation project and the path it may take is dividing neighbors. Read more »

Wisconsin Could Be First State To Expand Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives

Development along East Washingtong Ave. in Madison
A proposed law in Wisconsin would increase the tax incentives to invest in the state's low-income rural and urban communities, but critics say expanding so-called opportunity zones could be ineffective and increase gentrification. Read more »

Recycling Is More Complicated Than It Used To Be

Bundled plastic goods at a waste and recycling company
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It seems like such a simple concept. But recycling has changed since it first became popular in the 1970s. Paula Doherty from Monona wanted to know how things are recycled in Wisconsin, so she asked WPR's WHYsconsin a series of questions about recycling in the Badger state.  Read more »

WisContext: The Novel Coronavirus And How Isolation And Quarantine Authority Works In Wisconsin

Photo for article
In the arsenal of weapons available to public health officials for combating outbreaks of infectious disease, quarantines are among their most serious options. Read more »

Wisconsin Resident Who Traveled To China Is State's First Confirmed Coronavirus Case

A Wisconsin resident who traveled to China contracted coronavirus, state officials confirmed Wednesday. Read more »

Plan To Extend DNC Bar Hours Hinges On GOP Support

Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald
The Legislature's top Republicans say they may yet pass a bill to extend bar hours during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, but a provision that would regulate wedding barns could make it a tougher sell with time running out this legislative session. Read more »

Bill On Testing Sexual Assault Kits Divides Wisconsin Lawmakers

sexual assault kit being tested
The battle over how to prevent a future backlog of untested sexual assault kits started off as a bipartisan effort, but it has since taken a turn. Read more »

Leaders Of Milwaukee 2020 DNC Host Committee Fired Over Allegations Of Toxic Work Environment

The two leaders of Milwaukee's host committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention have been fired amid allegations that they oversaw a toxic work environment.  Read more »
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