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February 5, 2020

Phonics Gains Traction As State Education Authority Takes Stand On Reading Instruction

In this Sept. 8 2015, file photo, kindergarten students listen to teacher Amy Holland read
Phonics was endorsed by state schools Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor during the 2020 Wisconsin State Education Convention in Milwaukee. Stanford Taylor said reading outcomes are "not where we want them to be," and that DPI will make efforts to support schools in delivering phonics-based materials. Read more »

Coronavirus Outbreak Takes A Toll On Recovering Milk Prices

Dairy cows
Wisconsin dairy farmers saw milk futures fall as the growing coronavirus outbreak creates trade uncertainty. Read more »

Ice Harvesters Keep A 19th-Century Tradition Alive, One Block At A Time

In 1911, the Milwaukee-area manufacturer Alonzo Pauling gathered $75,000 in capital and founded the Pewaukee Lake Ice Company with his son, Harry. Read more »

Vos, Assembly Republicans To Introduce New Agriculture Tax Credits, Export Incentives

Robin Vos
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Tuesday that GOP lawmakers will to introduce their own package of bills to help farmers, an announcement that comes less than two weeks after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called for a special session to deal with the dairy crisis. Read more »

Johnson: Finding That Trump Broke Law Not Relevant In Impeachment Trial

Sen. Ron Johnson
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says he'll vote to acquit President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment. And he says a finding by the federal Government Accountability Office that Trump broke the law is irrelevant.  Read more »

Wisconsin Officials: More Youth Are Considering Suicide

Melissa Murphy, a research analyst with the Office of Children’s Mental Health
On Tuesday, children's mental health in Wisconsin got a boost when Gov. Tony Evers signed legislation establishing a grant program for peer-to-peer suicide prevention programs in Wisconsin schools. His bill signing comes on the same day as the release of an annual report by the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health, that shows a teen suicide rate that’s been consistently higher than the national average for a decade Read more »

Tony Evers Compares Iowa Caucus System To 'Voter Suppression'

Tony Evers
Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers offered a stinging criticism of the Iowa caucus system Tuesday, comparing the first-in-the-national presidential contest to voter suppression. "I think we should look at something different," Evers said. Read more »

How Wisconsin Universities Are Dealing With Coronavirus Outbreak

A woman wearing a green surgical mask , blue hoodie and baseball cap walks down the street.
Wisconsin universities and students are dealing with fears over the coronavirus outbreak. Read more »

White Lawmaker Won't Introduce Black History Month Resolution

Scott Allen
A white GOP lawmaker who had planned to introduce his own resolution honoring Black History Month said Tuesday he changed his mind after several conversations with African American state legislators. "I appreciate and respect the feelings that they have shared with me," said state Rep. Scott Allen, R-Waukesha. Read more »
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