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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
August 25, 2018

Humbled By Nature

The isthmus of Madison, Wisconsin -- the strip of land between Lakes Mendota and Monona where we all live and work -- is currently experiencing flooding driven by record rainfalls. In fact, they're sandbagging our offices as I write this. While the more immediate concern of this watery mess creeping into our homes and studios is on our minds, I had the thought I often do whenever something is happening in the world: "I bet TTBOOK has an interview that would make me think more deeply about all this." And guess what? We did!

Seeing photos from around town, I'm thinking a lot about being in awestruck in the face of nature's seemingly mythic power. A few years ago, Steve spoke with Ronald Numbers, an expert on the history of creationism, about how people square creationist myths with scientific evidence. That conversation really gets at the reality that we can be amazed or fearful of nature while still bearing in mind that we have tools that offer perfectly logical explanations for why we might see record-breaking flooding.


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Thomas Kuhn Threw an Ashtray at Me

A semi-motionless ashtray
Why Errol Morris is still outraged by the famous philosopher of science.
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Sexual Harassment, the Open Secret of the Scientific Community

For years, women in science have battled discrimination, old boys’ clubs and gendered stereotypes. Now they’re blowing the whistle on sexual harassment, and some eminent career scientists are being held to account.
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What Can You Hear In Space?

Inside a space capsule
Physicist Don Gurnett has recorded what you might hear from inside a spacecraft, and it isn't just the sound of desolate silence.
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