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October 12, 2020

Court Upholds Evers Administration's Statewide Mask Mandate

People wearing mask because of the pandemic
A St. Croix County judge ruled in favor of the Evers administration's declaration for a statewide mask mandate, saying the state Legislature has the power to end it. Read more »

DHS Reports 1,956 Positive Cases Of Coronavirus Monday

two people sit at a picnic table outdoors. a residence hall can be seen in the background.
There were 1,956 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Monday, according to the state Department of Health Services. There were nine new deaths. Read more »

'Erasure Of 40 Years Of Progress': How The Pandemic Is Affecting Working Women In Wisconsin

Woman helps her sons with online lessons
Women across Wisconsin are confronting difficult job choices as the pandemic continues to disrupt things like child care and K-12 schooling. With no end in sight to the outbreak, many are tasked with balancing their careers and their roles as primary caregivers. Read more »

President Trump To Be In Janesville On Saturday

A line of U.S. flags can be seen behind Pres. Donald Trump as he speaks at a podium
President Donald Trump plans to travel to Janesville on Saturday, two weeks after he canceled a rally for there and Green Bay following his positive coronavirus test. Read more »

Wauwatosa Police Chief: No Reason To Fire Officer Who Killed Teen

a child stands on a ledge above the crowd and holds a sign above her head
The police chief of Wauwatosa said Monday that he sees no reason why police officer Joseph Mensah should be fired.  Read more »

Big Ten Football To Open With Badgers On Oct. 23

The Big Ten released its Week 1 schedule Monday. Wisconsin will host Illinois on Friday, Oct. 23. Read more »

For Patients And Public Bodies Alike, Making COVID-19 Information Public Can Be Controversial

Amy Shircel, 22, became very sick from COVID-19 and warned others about the virus using social media while a student at UW-Madison.
Sharing information on COVID-19 spread is a critical part of fighting a pandemic: It alerts a community to infections, and keeps others healthy. But thanks to privacy concerns and public perception of the disease, the question of how much information should go public is a contentious and complicated one. Read more »

Wisconsin Nursing Home Outbreaks May Be Contributing To Limited Hospital Capacity

Eva Davis peaks with her daughters at a nursing home
One positive coronavirus test from a staff member at a nursing home is considered an outbreak by public health officials, a fact that could be putting further strain on Wisconsin hospitals. Read more »

UW System Approves $212M Plan To Standardize Campus Administrative Functions By 2026

UW System logo
The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents has approved a $212 million plan to improve administrative functions at the state's 13 universities and 13 branch campuses. The goal is to move human resources, purchasing and payroll from more than 700 different systems into centralized, cloud-based programs in hopes of saving money and redirecting staff resources.  Read more »
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