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July 23, 2020

Report: State Spending Is Increasing, But Local Government Share Drops

Gov. Tony Evers' budget bill stacked next to the Republican budget bill
As state spending has increased in the last 25 years, local governments have gotten a smaller share, a new report finds. And as the pandemic puts pressure on government budgets, Wisconsin's schools could bear the brunt.  Read more »

How Wisconsin’s 23,000 Rejected Absentee Ballots Could Spell Trouble For The November Election

mail-in ballots being counted
As states like Wisconsin move toward mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic, voters face potentially having their ballots rejected over issues like missing a line on a form. Slightly more than 23,000 ballots were thrown out in the state's April election. Read more »

'We Need Help': First Responders Ask For Mental Health Aid As Part Of Pandemic Response

emergency, ambulance, health care, hospital, EMT, paramedic
First responders providing emergency medical services routinely face high rates of depression, burnout and suicidal thoughts. The added stress of the pandemic is making it worse. Read more »

Alliant Energy Announces Plans To Eliminate Coal And Go Carbon-Neutral

Edgewater coal plant in Sheboygan
Madison-based Alliant Energy announced it plans to phase out coal generation as part of plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Read more »

Wisconsin Private Schools Have Advantages — And Concerns — Public Schools Don't As They Plan For Fall

Private schools across Wisconsin are, like their public counterparts, making plans for fall — though so much still depends on the trajectory of COVID-19 and the response of state and local health authorities.  Read more »

Mail-In Ballot Requests For August Election Already Top 2016 Partisan Primary Turnout In Wisconsin

Hand fills out a ballot
Wisconsin voters have already requested more mail-in ballots for August's partisan primary election than were cast in person or by mail in August 2016.  Read more »

Attorney General Josh Kaul Joins Menominee Tribal Police To Ask For Help Finding Missing 22-Year-Old Woman

Attorney General Josh Kaul
Menominee Tribal Chairperson Joan Delabreau said there are "significant numbers" of missing and murdered Indigenous women across the country. On Wednesday, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul discussed the state's plan to address the issue. Read more »
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