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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
July 6, 2019
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"Meant To Read It" Forgiveness Day


We're thinking about books a whole lot in the office this week. 

Partially because we're working on some really exciting new things related to Bookmarks, our series where authors talk about a book that has shaped them in some profound way. More on that soon.

Mostly because we're working on a show that challenges a summer tradition: the light-hearted beach reading list. We've got a whole lot of heavy, difficult reads that we think you should consider bringing on your next vacation instead. Stay tuned for those. 

But to prepare for your new, challenging reading pile, we wanted to provide an opportunity to start anew. Look at that reading pile on your bed stand. What's on there? Why haven't you gotten to it yet? 

If you need permission to let it go, you have our blessing. There are so many fantastic books to read, no sense in getting stuck on one you've assigned yourself. 

But if you want to push through, to challenge yourself to actually read it this summer? That's also awesome. Reply back to let us know what you're reading — maybe we can add to our own pile!


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At The Edge Of Belief With Maverick Historian Jeffrey Kripal

Religious historian Jeffrey Kripal believes that anomalous experiences — near-death experiences, telepathic dreams and other primal spiritual encounters — are the deep roots of religion. You might call it "religion before it becomes religion."
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A Woman Is Struck By Lightning. Did She Meet God?

Elizabeth Krohn says she left her body, went somewhere else, met and talked to God. And then came back to dream the future. What does her experience tell us about where religion comes from?
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Women With A Toxic Glow

How painting radium on watches and instrument dials killed more than 50 young women working in Ottawa, Illinois.
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When Family Photos Go Too Far

Marina Lutz grew up with a father who was obsessed with watching her. She discovered the full extent of his obsession as an adult, and made an award-winning short documentary about it called “The Marina Experiment.”
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The Borax Dinner Party That Kickstarted The FDA

"Poison Squad" Volunteers taking in a dinner with a side of Borax.
Science writer Deborah Blum on the government scientists who made the case for food regulation by "eating dangerously."
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