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February 9, 2019
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Better Art Through Bubble Baths

creative brain

Do you want to enhance your creativity?

The secret might be to stop trying so hard. If you’re blocked or stuck on a project, struggling for words or feel out of ideas, WALK AWAY. Stop thinking about it, quit blaming yourself and above all, don’t castigate yourself for giving up. 

You’re not abandoning the project – you’re turning it over to a higher power: your subconscious. Maybe you’ve heard this advice before, but in this week’s show, neuroscientist Heather Berlin explains why learning to shift your brain state can spark new creative insights and connections

Now you just have to convince your boss that the best way to get that new project moving is a long soak in a hot bubble bath. Installing a productivity-boosting spa is a tough sell for our studios — something about "all the wires" — but we're working on it!


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Was The Art Worth All The Pain?

Nathaniel Mary Quinn was abandoned as a child. Today, he’s a celebrated painter, exhibiting around the world. He tells Charles his remarkable story about talent and perseverance in the face of enormous odds.
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Does 'Selling Out' Make a Difference You Can Taste?

A five year vertical of Bourbon County Brand Stout. Older, pre-brewery sale style bottles are on the left, while the newer bottle design is on the right. 
Back in 1995, Goose Island created one of the most iconic craft beers of all time — Bourbon County Stout. Which — as Chicago Tribune beer writer Josh Noel explains — was why it was such a shock when they sold the brewery to Anheuser-Busch.
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Two Dishes, Two Tastings: A Dinner Party with Simran, Michael, Samin and Josh

lemon and kale
After listening to the food mavens and masters in our show on chasing "authentic" food , you might be mentally gathering tips on how to better enjoy food in your own home. So let's gather some tips for better eating in one place.
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