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August 13, 2019

Port Milwaukee Pursuing Formal Partnership With Quebec

Milwaukee's port is pursuing a partnership with the Quebec government in hopes of growing international trade for Wisconsin. Read more »

It's The Go-To Drug To Treat Opioid Addiction. Why Won't More Pharmacies Stock It?

Richard Ost owns Philadelphia Pharmacy, in the city's Kensington neighborhood. He says he has stopped carrying Suboxone, for the most part, because the illegal market for the drug brought unwanted traffic to his store.
Louis Morano knows what he needs, and he knows where to get it. Read more »

To Find The Next Antibiotic, Scientists Give Old Drugs A New Purpose

Scientists are exploring new drugs that can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.
With antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the rise, scientists are urgently trying to find drugs that will work against persistent infections. Read more »

Drowning In Zucchini? A Few Ideas To Help You Through The Season

At the end of summer when the farmers market stands are piled high with some of the best produce the season has to offer, one vegetable appears to be king.  Read more »

New Study Finds Asian Carp Could Survive Throughout Lake Michigan

someone holds an Asian carp
New research from the University of Michigan finds that Asian carp could become more widely established in Lake Michigan if the invasive fish is introduced into the Great Lakes. Read more »

Evers: Transportation Grants Will Be Distributed Fairly To Urban, Rural Communities

Gov. Tony Evers greets Wausau Mayor Robert Mielke
Gov. Tony Evers says a newly created $75 million transportation grant funding program will be administered fairly to all parts of state. Read more »

Evers Asks Trump To End Trade Wars To Save Farmers

Gov. Tony Evers is urging President Donald Trump to end his trade war with China because it's hurting Wisconsin farmers. Read more »

BNSF Railway, Local First Responders Practice Response To Train Derailment On Mississippi River

First responders deploy boom on Mississippi river
BNSF Railway hosted the recent training for around 50 first responders, emergency managers and railway personnel to practice responding to a train derailment on the Mississippi River. Read more »
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