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To The Best Of Our Knowledge
August 24, 2019
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Want the Internet To Be Less Mean? Think Before You Share.

internet of nonsense
Viral videos and memes are good for a laugh — but how often do you think about where they came from? Digital culture scholar Whitney Phillips says the internet is both playful and mean. And we’re not good at telling the difference.
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Your Thoughts On “Music On Your Mind”

Our show last week, “Music On Your Mind,” stirred powerful reactions from many listeners. Some related to working with or caregiving for someone with memory loss. Others were heartened by the encouragement to take up a new instrument later in life, or, to just start singing, whatever your age. Here’s some of what we heard.

From Martha:

“I just listened to your piece on music arts and aging. It was wonderful! All your stuff is great but this really resonated with me. However, I am not taking up the cello! Such good work is going on. I’m wondering what the songs of my gen will be singing- Rolling Stones ? Joni Mitchell ? It’s funny to think about. Anyway, thank you for your work.”

From Teri in Utah:

“I was fascinated with the program that opens people’s minds and hearts to see that those with Alzheimer’s can connect so wonderfully and openly to creative pursuits. I have seen this first hand with a lovely woman in her 80’s who I was fortunate enough to “care for.” I would get books from the library with large pictures. I wasn’t concerned so much about telling her the story as I was making her laugh.

I want to know more about resources, please, so that I can get “back in the trenches” and help my husband and groups to expand their experiences in
this phase of their lives. Thank you!"

We shared these resources with Teri and maybe they will help some of you too. Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

Resources About Memory, Alzheimer’s Disease And Music

Alzheimer’s Association 
The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement founded by Maria Shriver 
The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function 
American Music Therapy Association 
 “I’ll Be Me” Documentary about musician Glen Campbell 
“Alive Inside” Documentary

From Norma in Wisconsin:

Listening to the program this morning on having assisted living patients come alive by participating in the arts reminded me of the Danube trip I went on two years ago with Norman Gilliland. Because it focused on the music along the Danube, it naturally attracted many amateur musicians and music appreciators. We attended concerts, both on and off the boat, went to museums, were educated by very well- informed guides, but we begged for an opportunity to BE the musicians. We finally put together a last-minute talent night where a dozen people sang, played, spoke, improvised, and shared their musicianship. It became a special part of the trip. Thanks for promoting life-long arts.

I shared that last note with Norman, who said he remembered many talented people on that Danube trip.

And from Joe via Twitter:

“This is such a lovely and vital conversation with Anne Basting @TTBOOK - may it find its way to all those whose lives have been touched by #dementia.”

We’d love to keep the thoughts coming about music, memory, aging, and you. Write to us at with your observations, questions and stories.


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Control The Data, Control The World

Data streams
Yuval Noah Harari is the big-thinking historian who warns that whoever owns the data owns the future. He told Steve Paulson that it’s become the most important resource in the world.
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The Deep Connections Our Brains Make To Music

man playing guitar
Famous for his stories of people with brain disorders, Oliver Sacks wrote a lot about neurological mysteries, like the way a song can activate parts of the brain that language can’t even touch.
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