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March 30, 2021

Northern Wisconsin Appeals Court Candidate Attracts GOP Donors

A gavel in a courtroom.
An appeals court race in northern Wisconsin has attracted partisan spending in a way experts say is a sign of the creeping political polarization of court elections. Read more »

History Shows Anti-Vaccination, Misinformation Campaigns Are Nothing New

Syringes prepared with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine
Anti-vaccination sentiment is on repeat in this era of COVID-19, as misinformation about unsafe vaccines and mutated DNA is recycled from vaccination and inoculation campaigns that date back to smallpox. Read more »

UW-Eau Claire Initiative Turning To Open-Source Materials For Classes

A student studies at St. Norbert College in De Pere.
UW-Eau Claire is expanding a pilot program to encourage professors to design courses around free, open-source, educational materials rather than traditional textbooks sold by publishers.  Read more »

Evicted And Homeless Due To Pandemic — 'I Literally Had To Sleep In My Car'

Gregory Curry has had almost all his belongings in boxes and in a storage locker since he was evicted in August. He
Getting evicted can hurt you in a bunch of different ways. You don't have to tell that to 57-year-old Gregory Curry in Dothan, Ala. Read more »

More Than A Million Wisconsin Residents Are Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

A sign on a clear glass door says "Face Covering Required."
More than 1 million Wisconsin residents have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus as of Monday, according to the latest data published by the state Department of Health Services. DHS reported 296 new positive cases of COVID-19 Monday, and three new deaths. Read more »

All Wisconsinites 16 And Up Could Be Vaccine Eligible Before May 1

A woman gives a COVID-19 vaccine shot
Wisconsinites 16 years and older will likely be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine before May 1 — the date state health officials originally predicted for a broad rollout. DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said she expects an announcement to come "very soon," about moving up the date for eligibility. Read more »

Gov. Tony Evers Announces Initial Plans For Latest Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Funds

Gov. Evers speaks at a lectern while wearing a white face mask.
Gov. Tony Evers says some of the roughly $3 billion in federal COVID-19 stimulus funds headed to Wisconsin will be directed to small businesses, infrastructure, tourism industry support and continued pandemic response. Read more »
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