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August 17, 2020
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Building A Mental Illness Toolkit

During a pandemic I would say there are two people you don't want to be - an extrovert working alone from his dark basement, or a bipolar dude whose drastic mood swings are barely in control on a good day. I am both.

Group therapy canceled. Gym canceled. Technical glitches during a Zoom psychiatric appointment. And that damn mask. It's like a straitjacket for my breath, my soul. I have to say, other than my meds, my tools had been taken from me.

But were they?

This week we are re-airing a show I produced a year ago on thinking outside of the mental illness box. I mean outside, outside. Like a woman who treats her anxiety with horror films and the idea of treating depression with psychedelics. 

There's another woman in the show who wrote a book of poetry called "Odes to Lithium," who says naming is also in the toolkit. She told me we have power over the things we name. I was hiking in the Rocky Mountains recently and during a tough climb alone on the side of a mountain I named it: fear. Fear.

You don't have to be crazy to need a toolkit during this pandemic. You just have to overcome your fear and use what you have. 


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Treating Anxiety With Horror Films

Digital projector
Eliza Smith is the lead producer of Snap Judgment's spin-off horror storytelling podcast called "Spooked." She tells Anne Strainchamps that horror stories help her manage and work through her anxiety.
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How Psychedelic Experiences Might Treat Depression

Fruit bodies of the fungus Psilocybe pelliculosa
After the excesses of the 1960s — and an ensuing moral panic — psychedelic research was outlawed by the United States government for decades. But today, the research is blossoming as a promising treatment for depression and anxiety.
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Seeing The World With A Mathematician's Eyes

Math of the universe
For centuries, people have considered mathematics the purest form of knowledge — and our best bet for deciphering the universe's hidden order. Steve spoke with two people who love math: physicist James Gates and science writer Margaret Wertheim.
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