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September 8, 2020

In-Person Campaigning Can Be Dangerous In a Pandemic. Wisconsin Politicians Are Finding Ways To Do it Anyway.

a group of people in face masks are surrounded by greenery as they listen to a speaker
Political years are usually filled with campaign events and candidate appearances, the more people the better. But in a pandemic, candidates have to find creative ways to get people's attention and make contact with voters in low-risk ways. Read more »

Task Force Aims For Bipartisan Proposals On Policing, Racial Inequality Early Next Year

Demonstrators march in Madison
A group tasked with proposing state law changes related to policing and racial inequality in Wisconsin is aiming to get bills before state lawmakers early next year.  Read more »

Some Businesses That Cater To Office Workers Facing Big Changes As Remote Work Grows

An office worker at his desk
Many businesses whose core customers are office workers are facing big changes as the pandemic keeps scores of white collar workers working remotely. But some are also shifting their business models as they see opportunities during the outbreak. Read more »

Letter From Trump In USDA Food Boxes Has Nonprofits Concerned About Playing Politics

President Donald Trump arrives to deliver remarks on the Farmers to Families Food Box Program in North Carolina
A letter from President Donald Trump included in a federal food assistance program is causing concern for nonprofits who aren't allowed to participate in partisan politics. Democrats say the letter violates federal law. Read more »

UW-Madison Restricts Student Movement Amid Coronavirus Spike

UW System logo
The chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is ordering undergraduate students to limit their movements for the next two weeks in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Read more »

Wisconsin Economy Takes A Hit From Sports Delays, Cancellations

whistling straits
The Ryder Cup, originally set to take place in Kohler this month, was expected to bring $135 million in economic impact to the state, according to Visit Milwaukee. Not counting the Bucks and the Brewers, Milwaukee stands to miss out on about $92 million this year due to canceled and delayed sporting events. Read more »

Labor Day Draws Vice Presidential Candidates To Wisconsin

Kamala Harris
Two months out from the U.S. presidential election and Wisconsin has become a more frequent destination for both campaigns.   Read more »
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