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December 7, 2020
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Book Your (At Home) Journey

One of the most fun audio editing projects I’ve worked on was shaping a short “Bookmark” by Philip Pullman. He recommends “The Pocket Atlas of the World,” and I just love hearing him talk about “my little pocket atlas” and surprisingly, the exotic locale of Oconomowoc – in Wisconsin.

Although he is certainly a real-life world traveler, this atlas took him all over the world, without leaving his home, and inspired many of his explorations. You can hear his journey right from your own home in our rebroadcast this week of “Traveling By Book,” which launched our second season of “Bookmarks.” This episode also includes Pettina Gappah on “Persuasion,” Ruth Ozeki on “Kamikaze Diaries,” and Robert Macfarlane on the book he’s given as a gift countless times, “The Living Mountain.”

Of course, you might also be especially interested in Pullman at the moment because of the recent adaptation of his series “His Dark Materials,” on HBO and BBC. And you’ll want to listen to Steve Paulson’s full conversation with Pullman, too, about the consciousness of all things – an interest Steve and Pullman have in common.


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How are you parenting in the pandemic?

a child at home with a parent working from home

All around the world, kids are spending more time at home because of COVID-19. Child care, school, entertainment and cooking are all under one roof for many of us. Do we need a parent's revolution? Are we already in one?

We're putting together a show in collaboration with the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and would love to hear your voices.

If you go to this page, you can record your voice or send us an email that we might use in an upcoming show. And, forward this newsletter to other parents you think might have something to say.

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Ruth Ozeki on 'Kamikaze Diaries'

ruth ozeki
For her own book, author Ruth Ozeki drew from “Kamikaze Diaries,” a collection of writings left behind by the young soldiers who died on suicide missions. They represent a generation of brilliant, highly educated young students who were conscripted into the army and ordered not just to kill but to die.
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Philip Pullman on 'The Pocket Atlas of the World'

Philip Pullman
Philip Pullman — author of the fantasy classic "His Dark Materials" — is clearly attuned to the imaginative world of children. So maybe it’s not surprising that the book that exerted such a pull on his own imagination was "The Pocket Atlas of the World," which he first encountered at the age of nine.
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Petina Gappah on 'Persuasion'

Petina Gappah on "Persuasion"
Author Petina Gappah recommends a book she explains is “The most African of Jane Austen’s novels.” Her reason why is a look at women in Africa today told through the eyes of two novelists: a Zimbabwean in 2020 and English woman in 1818.
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