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February 13, 2020

Wisconsin Snowmobiling Fatalities Could Exceed 10-Year Average

Snowmobile in field
Snowmobiling deaths have risen in the recent years, and four people have died on snowmobiles in the last two weeks. Experts say avoiding alcohol and taking safety classes help ensure safety. Read more »

DNC Bar Hours Bill Could Apply Statewide

Wisconsin state capitol
A proposal to extend bar hours during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee has spilled over statewide and could now open the door to a 4 a.m. closing time at taverns and restaurants in all 72 counties while the DNC is in Wisconsin. Read more »

Watchdog Warns Census Faces Cybersecurity, Hiring Risks Before National Rollout

Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham appears at a 2020 census event in April 2019. He says despite concerns, the bureau is on track to carry out the first primarily online U.S. census with enough workers.
With just weeks before the 2020 census is set to roll out nationwide, the Census Bureau is lagging behind on recruiting temporary workers and addressing IT and cybersecurity risks tied to the first Read more »

GOP Lawmakers Approve Funding For Just 4 Of 6 New Youth Prison Facilities

Lincoln Hills juvenile correction facility
State lawmakers have approved funding for only a portion of Wisconsin’s plan to replace its embattled youth prison with multiple county and state facilities, meaning Lincoln Hills could stay open longer than planned. Read more »

Absentee Voters Will Only Get 1 Ballot In The Mail, Not 2 For April Elections

absentee ballot
The Elections Commission told clerks earlier this month they needed to send two ballots to comply with a previously-unenforced state deadline for mailing absentee ballots in federal elections. An estimated 81,000 absentee voters would have received the two separate ballots. Read more »

'We Haven't Plateaued': Milwaukee County's Fatal Drug Overdoses Reach Record High

An addict prepares heroin
Milwaukee County's drug overdose deaths reached a record high last year: 407 people died from a drug overdose, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office. Read more »

Northern Wisconsin Communities Moving Forward On Housing Study

Gordon Ringberg talks with Joaquin Altoro
Northern Wisconsin communities are joining forces on a study of housing needs in Ashland and Bayfield counties. Northern leaders met with state officials during the 35th annual Superior Days in Madison to seek support for efforts to grow affordable housing in rural areas.  Read more »

More Snow, Bitter Cold: Wisconsin Gets A Double Dose Of Winter Weather

People bundled up against Chicago's cold weather
Wisconsin is set to see another round of snow as well as a stretch of bitter cold temperatures. Read more »
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