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Just a couple of quick things...

I'm happy to say: I’ve overhauled my previously-a-bit-dusty portfolio website, finally! I’ve been putting off doing this work for years, and it’s not particularly interesting why I suddenly had to get moving on this a few weeks ago, but I did. And the learning curve was steep. Now I’m asking folks if they wouldn’t mind taking a look at it when they have some time to poke around. 

If you do, I’d appreciate any thoughts on useability, language, imagery*, etc. Have a look on desktop, mobile, or tablet, and let me know what works and what doesn’t. I’m practically finished as far as bringing on board the content I want, but it won’t really be finished until it functions well when others use it. I’ll also be taking some of your feedback forward when I similarly overhaul the original Howling Mob Society website later this winter (ever seen a still-functioning website from twelve years ago? We've got that).

*as I write this I have yet to fill in the alt tags for accessibility on imagery

And then: I wonder if you’ve considered signing up for the Justseeds 2020 Community Supported Art subscription program? 12 months = 12 new, unique prints delivered to your home (or office) in four quarterly packages!

We’ve been running this thing annually for a few years now, and it just gets better each year. The Justseeds CSA is something folks sign up for when they really trust what we do, because honestly: you don’t see the prints you’re going to get until you get them, and that’s kind of a gamble, right? 

But hey: I work at the Justseeds office and I can honestly tell you that our artists really, really make some great work for this project. Like some of these folks make nicer prints for the CSA subscribers than they do when they’re just making a print to sell in our shop. Truth. 

Meanwhile I can also tell you that the support we get from these subscriptions is absolutely critical to our financial scaffolding. It helps us do more of what we do best, because we can’t do it all on art sales alone. This past October a big bunch of us met for a long weekend in Chicago for a lot of deep talk about where Justseeds can go from here (and how). When I say support, I mean that this year we could afford to fly (and train) folks in from all over the continent, and keep them fed and housed while these meetings happened. That's crucial stuff to running a big organization like ours, and it costs a bit of money here and there to pull it off.

Anyhow: think about subscribing, for yourself, or as a gift. Maybe subscribe for yourself but then give away prints to your friends and family as they come (after you pick out your favorites), because maybe you don't have enough blank wall space for twelve new pieces of art anyway? Spread the word to folks you know who might be into it too. Thanks!

Here’s how to get involved in our 2020 CSA.

... thanks for reading and be in touch!

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