I swear on my life that you will not find the phrase #GivingTuesday anywhere in this email... 
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Over at the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum...

We've just closed up shop for the season, to do a little renovation work and take stock of what we've learned in our very busy, very exciting first few months! And, because we've got a lot of plans for the future of our powerful little grassroots museum, we're hard at work on that most crucial of Next Steps: the step where you just launched a big thing and now you have to figure out how to keep it up in the air! With that in mind, we're moving into the winter with our History Gives campaign, highlighting various gift tiers for various incomes, towards all sorts of lofty goals! Fact is, we've got a lot of stuff we want to do, and we need help doing it. Can you help us out a little bit?


As for Justseeds...

We're already having another sale over on our still-shiny, still exciting new website! 15% off your order from now through December 15! Type in the code ART4CHANGE when you check out, pretty straightforward. We know that you were planning on sending some handmade political prints to all your relatives for the holidays, so we're trying to grease the wheels on that. If I'm shipping orders that day and I see your name, I'll be sure to leave an extra special note!

But also...

We're doing another Very Cool Thing: this is our second year running what we used to call our Print of the Month Club, now known as Community Supported Art. It's an intriguing arrangement: you subscribe to our CSA for the next year, and in throughout year you'll get 12 new prints from various Justseeds artists! The prints are most certainly going to be awesome, and these subscriptions go a reeeaaallly long way towards helping us meet our bottom line money-wise, allowing us to dream bigger for the future of our co-op (and thus be significantly less stressed about money, seeing as how we've still got this new website to pay for &c).

You can find out all about the Community Supported Art program right here, including our new quarterly payment option (for when dropping $300 at once just isn't feasible). I should also mention that if you subscribe this week (before the 7th) we'll give you a $15 gift card!


And, when you have a chance, sit down with this great article penned by my friend Carolyne Whelan over at BELT Magazine:
King Coal and the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum
projects I've finished
projects I've finished
trying to look crazy productive
trying to look crazy productive
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like a blog, but less writing
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