IOMLÁN Animal Science's Newsletter

This is the first newsletter from IOMLÁN Animal Science. We will send them on a quarterly basis to provide advice and updates on animal health practices. In this newsletter, we want to focus on specific challenges in animal husbandry in both Ruminant and Monogastric animals.
Calf Scours
Both Suckler farms and Dairy farms can have problems with calf scour, and it is an annoying financial and time consuming problem. It has many causes, but prevention is based on two things: Lowering the Infection pressure and raising the resistance of the calf. Click here for more info
Essential oils in Poultry

This drinking water application is ideal to give temporary support and can be used at times of stress, such as feed changes, intestinal problems and after vaccinations. Click here for more info
Ruminal Acidosis
In our experience ruminal acidosis cases have increased since the removal of milk quotas. The disorder can affect all ruminants and can have a large impact on cow health, leading to reduced production and also leading to other metabolic diseases. The correct management of both cows and beef cattle needs a total approach and prevention is better than a cure. 
Click here for more info

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