The Housing Task Force met on Tuesday of this week and committed to the following:
  1. Assessing and creating a comprehensive list of all the homeless providers cold weather plans and processes; determine gaps and make recommendations. 
  2. Create a framework for extreme weather  

Task Force Deliverables:
Next 4-6 weeks
  1. Develop a cohesive plan; understand gaps—develop an  intervention
  2. What would service providers need to bump up capacity by 20%
  3. Coordinating regionally
  4. Camp sweep: connecting people on streets with care and amending policies to ensure humane reactions with long term housing as the goal
  1. Need long term game plan for funding street outreach
  2. Policies to protect people who are unsheltered during disaster situations
  3. Long-term disaster planning for cold weather
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Host a forum for unsheltered: ensuring their voices are heard and they are empowered to offer solutions.  Ensure promises are kept.    
Report to know how many beds are available and what COVID protocols/restrictions
City/General Expectations:
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
RFP solutions
Hire two City staff: Houseless Manager; Street Outreach    
Working with service providers to design a plan with priority for those on the street; including outreach
Facilitate meeting with service providers to determine who is providing what and to whom and what gaps exist; include all agencies who are apart of continuum of care (regional)
Align tenant bill of rights with unsheltered community members to ensure protections
Accountability for camp sites; who do we turn to address tent cities 
Success measures/metrics for houseless task force
Provide overall City budget (including Fed; ARP, etc.) to address houselessness.  ARP funding allocation for the City—how much was received; Audit of where the money went and why it has taken so long to disperse
Camp/Shelter in place: need water, tents, blankets, electric blankets, emergency blankets, portable toilets 
Review and develop implementation plan where applicable to benchmark best practices e.g. WyCo Cold Weather Shelter program    
Coordinate with Southern Baptist—disaster relief to support
Stop the sweeps: people lose everything and provides more mental and emotional issues—need to stop sweeps until there is a permanent solution –loss of a sense of security
Eviction Prevention
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Rental Assistance & Utility Assistance: One Stop Shop
Use funding to cancel rental debt
Emergency hotel assistance (Federal funds available but City isn’t managing it)
Diversion : Reduce the number of times someone experiences  homelessness
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Utilize Askew School
Use land bank for housing
Tenant/Landlord Support
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Dev. Housing locater
Centralized place where housing resources and information is easily accessible
Provide solutions for individuals not taking advantage of utility assistance and rental assistance
The right to counsel and tenant support (County)    
Assist with building materials (Daniel Edwards— Albert Tan’s Lumber)
Wrap Around Services )
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Increase security for unhoused populations
Need solid plan (case managers and social workers) for wrap around services; need to facilitate a mtg with social workers and service providers.  Social workers, case managers (client advocacy) and permanency for housing 
Addressing issues related to truancy for children and unsheltered –outreach and intervention plan for families to prevent separation 
30-90 Day Emergency Shelters
Realistic Unrealistic Need Additional Exploration
Implement pallet shelters (need to make sure showers and other amenities are available)
Alternative to Bartle Hall model (450+) served (need location, security, manager, showers)
Use of hotels
Next steps:
  1.  Request staff and taskforce to organize solutions by what they deem is realistic, unrealistic or needs more exploration.
  2. Next meeting is Monday, October 4, 6 p.m.
Please contact 3rd District Council Office for more information.  
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