I've been thinking a lot this month about opportunities...

The ones we take, the ones we miss. The ones that never come back around and the ones that do. The thing is we never know until it's over, which opportunity was the one we needed to jump up and grab.

So I say, grab them all!

Check out the markets in the Excel file below. I'd love to celebrate some publications in the achievement section next month!

What's new with Victoria Griffin Fiction?

Let's go for a list.

Thank you for your constant support! You all are amazing. Remember, you can contact one another by clicking on a name or using me as a go-between.

Happy Writing!
- Tori
Markets Open to Free Fiction Subs During September (Excel Doc)
PDF Version (links disabled)
Community Spotlight:

Intros and Other Awesome Stuff

Our members are doing cool things!
Avery White
"This past month has been kind of a challenging one at I'm learning how to deal with my own creative anxiety, not being afraid of how the process changes me, and knowing when I've hit my limit. I have a tendency to put a ton of pressure on myself to always be writing and regardless of how my writing day went...I tend to feel like I should have done more.

I had to shut down TCP for two weeks last month because I couldn't handle the stress. No okay.

So during those two weeks I did some serious re-evaluation, recognized that I had my QA screwed down too tight, and gave room to give myself some grace.

I offer this to to you guys so you know:

  1. I'm a real person.
  2. I feel the stressors of writing just like you do.
  3. I'm learning how to overcome."
L.L. Madrid
I've started a lit mag called Speculative 66 for genre micro fiction (at 66 words). The debut issue will be out September 6th. Submissions are rolling and we'd love to receive some shiny tiny stories from the community. 

Check out the 
website and submission guidelines.
Speculative 66 on Twitter.

Taylor Fenner 
I'll be revealing the cover artwork of my upcoming novel, Into the Light, during a Facebook event on September 16 & 17, 2016.

Join the event!

I'm also looking for authors interested in doing hour-long author takeovers and giveaway prize donations (ebooks) so if you're interested please either comment on the event page or contact me by email!

Robert Erickson
My first novel is The Reluctant Savior, a low drama story of revitalization of a man and a small town. My second will be out this month. Generals & Potholes is a a romance between two unlikely people from two different worlds in a complex worth with a lot of trash talk.
I also write gardening, composting, and recycling articles.

August Blog Posts

I recently had the opportunity to “tour” Norris Dam. It was the first time the dam had been open to the public in fifteen years. I didn’t see too much of the inside—two turbines and a threatening-looking observation room—but I did get an up-close and personal view of water being released through bottom of the dam...
At the most recent Knoxville Writers’ Guild meeting, I had the pleasure of hearing screenwriter Lisa Soland speak about “What the Playwright Can Teach the Writer.” Lisa is fantastic, and I learned a lot from her. She had good tips—about writing and about life. One idea that stuck with me, though, came during her discussion of conveying meaning without explicitly saying the thing...
Scrivenites have begged and pleaded for years. Give us a mobile app! Well, the Literature and Latte powers that be have finally answered our prayers. Scrivener for iOS is here, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. Honestly, this is less of a review than it is an inside the app...
You have time to do anything. But you don’t have time to do everything.
The number one excuse for not doing something, achieving something, or completing something is always I don’t have time...

What's new from me?

A Journey of Words is here! 600 pages. 35 stories by authors from around the world, all tied by the theme of travel.

Snag a signed copy!
Recent Flooded updates:
It's coming together!
Join the blog tour, or become a social media ambassador to be a part of the magic.

Beta / CP Hookup


Victoria Griffin needs beta readers for her recently completed adult southern suspense novel: Left at the Sycamore. Set in North Carolina, the story focuses on the fictional town of Greenfield, and the psychopath lurking within, while exploring the beautiful and destructive culture of belonging in the South.

Dianne Freeman is looking for a beta reader for an adult historical cozy mystery.

Rosella Altman is seeking a beta reader who is willing to read her WIP as she writes. Synopsis: In 1853 13-year-old Rosie joins a floating freak show to perform as a "wild child" who can't speak. Rosie, who has what we would now call speech apraxia, finds kindred spirits among her fellow freaks.

Meaghan Curley is looking for a beta reader for her new adult comedy about a young woman who goes from petty larceny to working a full time job with Hades.

Dennis Mews is seeking a beta reader. Synopsis: When Nadia moves to a new school and finds herself on a camping trip to darkest Wales, she encounters a teenage boy in the woods. Things go from bad to worse until the woods themselves take a hand in the matter.


Dianne Freeman

Rosella Altman enjoys historical fiction, nonfiction, and YA/MG. No erotica.

Meaghan Curley would like to read comedy, history, or literary fiction. No romance or erotica.

Achievements & Publications

John Albion's book, Silent Messages, has been named the solo "Medalist Winner" for the suspense/thriller category in the 2016 summer New Apple eBook awards!

Azadeh Nafissi's flash fiction, "Immortal Lovers," will be published in Crab Fat Magazine next month. His work will also be included in the first serial anthology at The Story Mint.

Michael Murphy is gearing up for his one-on-one with Einstein Literary Management the first of October. He also finished the first round of edits on his novel.

Word Counts & Goals

Victoria Griffin
August Goals: Finish rounds 1 and 2 of revisions on Left at the Sycamore.

September Goals: Write 5 new short stories, and submit at least twice per week.

Avery White
August Word Count: 3k
September Goal Count: Write 6k word to complete WIP
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