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Happy Birthday to us.........

Hello and happy new year! We are all really excited this month as Consortium is 3 years old. We have expanded our service offering over the last few months so that we can now offer all the services you would need from a full service agency without the hefty price tag!

We are always interested to hear from our clients and business contacts about what they think is good and what could be improved so do get in touch if you have any suggestions! Finally we were also delighted to learn that we have retained our place in Entrepreneurial Spark for another 12 months, with help from our enabler and fellow entrepreneurs we are confident that 2016 will be our year.

Happy Birthday Consortium
While we are in a birthday mood we want to share our celebration by offering a half hour free consultation for your business.

To arrange your no obligation consultation over coffee & cake please contact Lara.
Why have a company LinkedIn page?
It is very easy to set up a LinkedIn Page, all you need is an email that is linked to the business. If you have several employees or work with an agency you can then assign them admin rights to manage the page. (To be an admin they will have to be connect with you as an individual via LinkedIn)  
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New Year Marketing Audit.
While you still have some enthusiasm for new year resolutions, it is a good idea to start adopting good habits and that includes your marketing.
We would suggest that companies regularly review their marketing activity as an ongoing process, but the start of a new year does provide an excellent natural review point.                               

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