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Week 45

Custom Aquarium Tanks

A new 1200x450x450 Fire tank with custom stand and cabinetry.
Please speak to our friendly staff to find out more about organising a quote.

Who is Lemon Tyk?

Lemon Tyk is an author at and and is a well known photographer in the Aquarium industry. Here is a photo of the famous Lemon Tyk photographing another not yet described fish from Cairns Marine. Lemon Tyk was a special guest speaker at Marine Aquarium Conference Australia 2016
Read more about Lemon Tyk's article The Fundamental of Photography.

The Abei Angelish

The first sightings and images of the Abei Angelfish were made from deep diving submersibles at depths of 600 feet and more. Thankfully, this Abei Angelfish from the Coral Sea was captured at a depth of ‘only’ 120 meters, which is still a bone-crushing depth of nearly 400 feet.
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Echinodorus amazonica (Amazon Sword)

3 for $15.00 - PICK UP IN STORE ONLY


Sandsifting Stars (image above)
Strombus Snails (image above)
Leopard Cowrie (image above)
Double sea star, Knobly stars and Rusty stars (image above)
Hermit Crabs (image above)
Abalone (image above)
Assorted range of Corals
(images above)
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