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Sara Seyfarth

November 2015 Writing Newsletter

Fun with Instagram

I'm on Instagram! I've been joining social media sites fairly slowly because I want to be sure I can commit time to it and it's something I'm interested in. I've always been fascinated by Instagram because I love photography, so I finally took the leap! Above are a few of my first posts, and below is one of my favorites.


There are a lot of wonderful things happening on Instagram, but I particularly love the idea of a visual diary. In Octavia Butler's essay that I reference below, she (as well as many other authors) encourages all writers to keep a journal, and what better way than in photos?

On the iPod

As expected, Octavia Butler's Bloodchild and Other Stories was fantastic. I got something out of every story in the collection, though it will surprise no one that I particularly liked the essay "Positive Obsession," which explored her journey as a writer. Next up is The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin. I can't seem to break my sci-fi habit.
The Moving List
  • Spoons are valuable. Until you have only one spoon for an extended period of time, it is perhaps difficult to recognize their value.
  • It turns out the glass plate that handily turns your food in the microwave is actually sort of necessary.
  • Books become absolutely ESSENTIAL when they're packed away. (They're always essential, of course, but I've had three specific requests for books I could normally just pull off a shelf - more than I normally get in as many months.)
  • Moving is harder when you can't order pizza (it's a cheese thing).
  • Despite all of that, moving is glorious when it's the right place (and it is!).

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 All art for "Anna Maria's Guide to Resurrection" was created by Meghan Irwin and originally appeared on Paper Darts.

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