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Set Your Course for Life - Education Post

Adding on to Pixels’ premium partners and operated by the South China Morning Post, Education Post offers the most comprehensive online course database in Hong Kong with rich editorial resources. Education Post is created for the younger, digitally savvy generation who continuously search for practical advice in bringing their career to the next level. Reach them through Pixels’ various advertising solutions: Display Ad, advertorials, branded content, custom channels and more!

For All Travel Lovers - Flyday

Flyday is one of the top travel-deal distribution platforms in Hong Kong and offers diverse advertising opportunities to marketers from various sectors. Find your best solution with Pixels to communicate effectively with your travel lovers! Showcasing Galaxy Macau’s channel sponsorship campaign to promote their attractive offers. Check out Flyday’s website and its popular Facebook Fan page or let Pixels tell you more.

Pixels' Mobile Ad Marketplace achieves 100% Reach of all smartphone users in Hong Kong

As reported by comScore Mobile Metrix July 2016, Pixels’ Mobile Ad Marketplace has reached 100% of all smartphone users in Hong Kong across iPhone and Android. This makes Pixels’ Mobile Ad Marketplace the dominant platform for mobile reach in the city. The dominant mobile ad marketplace is recipient of several industry awards including Gold – Fast Growth Award at Spark Awards 2016, Gold – Best Mobile Ad Platform and Gold – Best Mobile Team at Mob-Ex 2016.

We are Asia's Millennials - Spotify for Brands

Let Spotify tell you how millennials sweat, eat and travel. Understand how listening stays consistent and how much streaming happens on the go. With millions of tracks on Spotify, whether they are working out, partying or relaxing, the right music is always at their fingertips. Connect with millennials effectively on Spotify through Pixels!
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