Potluck in the Park

Sunday 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Mall Playground
68 Columbus St
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Please  bring food, drinks, paper and plasticware for the weekly community "potluck" for the needy in Mall Park in downtown Charleston. Potluck in the Park organizers do this every week, and SHL volunteers quarterly.

SHL members help serve the food to 70-100 people. Potluck in the Park provides tables, and table cloths, chaffing dishes, plastic gloves and water. If you can't stay to serve, feel free to drop food off!

Kids and teens welcome.


Suggested menu:

Green salad with dressings on the side - Ranch seems to be a favorite

Potato salad, pasta salad or other starchy cold salads

Meat or Main dishes with meat, sandwiches

Sides or main dishes without meat, vegetarian sandwiches


Hard-boiled eggs (easy to take away for later)

Bananas or other easy-on-the teeth hand fruits


Drinks - Anything is fine, but PLITP brings a drink cooler with water so dry tea or punch mixes are popular.

Paper plates or clamshell take-away boxes

Plastic forks

Paper napkins

Plastic cups - 8-12 oz

Condiments (they usually have some leftover from past weeks, but not always)
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