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Boston STH and Denise Nekeman at the Dutch Championships in Ermelo, where they won the title of 'Dutch Champions Young Riders'.


The 9-yr-old Boston STH had his most successful season so far in 2015. At the EC Young Riders in Vidauban Denise Nekeman rode the striking stallion to team silver and individual bronze and the combination finished in fourth place in the Freestyle. Upon their return, Denise and Boston gave a convincing performance in the Dutch Championship, winning both the first component and the Freestyle to Music. Last year Boston STH had won team silver as well at the EC Young Riders in Arezzo. In 2011 he finished fourth in the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden under Hans Peter Minderhoud.
The fact that Hans Peter got on so well with Boston STH did not surprise anyone. With Boston’s sire Glock’s Johnson TN Minderhoud won this year’s team gold and individual bronze at the European Championship in Aachen. They had already won silver at the NC in Ermelo and last year team bronze at the WC in Caen. Glock’s Johnson is also responsible for two foals offered at Prinsjesdag this year. Number 31 Kiss & Ride is a colt out of a well-bred sport line from the Van Oort family in Volkel. Another remarkable appearance is Koh-I-Noor. The black colt bred by Lichtendahl and Peper is a son of the Gribaldi elite-awarded daughter Vertu Heroique who was the Overijssel champion in 2005.
The opening of the Prinsjesdag auction 2015 gets an extra festive character because of the presence of champion Boston STH ridden by Denise Nekeman. She will give a demonstration and show the public why Boston is so successful. Denise: ‘Boston is really great! Back home he is a very calm horse and anyone can bring him to the horse walker. He feels happy in the field, as well. He is hardly afraid of anything, he is a little curious and pleasantly cheeky. He loves to work and shows that every day. He likes to go to competitions, too. I think that this is because he gets all the attention of the world. Then he lifts himself up and moves more proudly than at home.’
Number 30 Koh-I-Noor (Glock’s Johnson x Gribaldi) is a stiking appearance.


Next week a very interesting embryo is auctioned at Breeder Peter Bastiaansen sells a Quickly de Kreisker out of Vantiel’s Esprit. This daughter of Baloubet du Rouet jumped at international 1.50m level herself and she is a sister of the well-earning Tinka’s Boy and, in addition, the dam of Carrera VDL. The latter is one of the promises for the future for European Champion Jur Vrieling, who recently won team gold on VDL Zirocco Blue in Aachen.
Jur, with a big smile: ‘I should perhaps lie and say that Carrera will never be anything, so that I can buy the embryo for a normal price’. But he immediately continues: ‘But no, I am joking, of course. Carrera VDL is rally one of my horses for the future. He recently won the 2* GP in De Wolden and together with the team we won the Nations Cup in Drammen, Norway. He is a horse with a tremendous amount of quality. He was excellently trained by James Billington in the past few years and was given a chance to develop gradually. Now, as a 9-yr-old, he gives me the feeling that he will be a real good one.’
Jur Vrieling can count himself lucky. Besides the embryo from showjumping sensation Quickly de Kreisker, who under his Moroccan rider displays incredible quality and power, Peter Bastiaansen also has foals for sale. From sire Vantiel’s Esprit the filly Levita PB Z (Levisto) is auctioned at Prinsjesdag, she is a half-sister to Carrera VDL. The Prinsjesdag collection also includes a Chaman daughter out of a full sister of Tinka’s Boy. That means that the combination of Baloubet blood and this family, which poved so successful in Vantiel’s Esprit, is now also available to the buyers. Both fillies are more than interesting, both for the sport and breeding.
The auction site will soon come with a new offer. Soon, for example, an embryo by Voltaire out of Nemeta will be for sale. The latter is a full sister to the dam of Kannan. The leader of the WBFSH Sire Index of best producing sires is also a Voltaire, which makes that this embryo has, in fact, the same gene material as via top supplier Kannan. At the first dressage foal will be offered out of a qualitatively spectacular top-class dam. We will not tell you who that is yet …
Carrera VDL is a half-brother of the embryo to be auctioned on
Number 77 Levita PB Z (Levisto Z x Baloubet du Rouet) is a half-sister of the embryo, and thus of Carrera VDL.
Erludine DVB (Jazz x Ferro) is one of the best dressage mares in The Netherlands and proved herself in a lot of competitions under Stefanie Wolf and  Lisanne der Nederlanden.


Previous to the auction of the showjumping foals, which is planned at 18.45 hours, the new auctioneer Koen Olaerts will have something special to offer. The opening piece is a beautiful Curly mini foal, made available by mr. Lenssen from Sevenum, its sales price going to the DVB Foundation. Curly horses have a curly coat and are hypo-allergen, which makes them very suitable for people with an allergy for horses.

The mission of the DVB Foundation from Coby and Marlies van Baalen is to help riders with a  handicap. The DVB Foundation and Prinsjesdag have a many years co-operation in which the auction tries to raise funds for the objectives of DVB. As a matter of fact, this year the Van Baalen Stables will give a demonstration on Erludine (Jazz x Ferro), one of the best dressage mares of the Netherlands. A full brother of Erludine, Keandro, from H.A. van Erp in St. Oederode, will be auction at Prinsjesdag. To show interested parties what they can expect from Keandro in the future, Erludine will demonstrate her qualities in the ring.
Number 29 Keandro (Jazz x Ferro), full brother of Erludine DVB, will be auctioned on September 15.


The presentation of the dressage foals will start at 12.30 hours, followed by the auction at 14.00 hours. At 16.45 hours the showjumping foals will be presented and this group of young talents will be auction from 18.45 hours.
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