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The board and the management of Prinsjesdag would like to thank all sellers and buyers for their confidence in the quality of Prinsjesdag Foal Auction. In addition, we would like to thank all sellers, buyers, selectors, partners, staff, volunteers and all other involved for their contribution to the success of the fantastic auction day. Without you, we could not have done it!


Prinsjesdag Foal Auction congratulates all the buyers with their foals acquired last week and wish them an undisturbed rearing period and a lot of sport and breeding success in the future. 
Congratulated Gerard Korbeld, Adelinde Cornelissen and Lineke Bennink with the purchase and sale of Kayne (Governor x Adorijke by Rousseau).
Congratulated Anna Gkouskova and Stal den Bisschop from the De Craene family with the purchase and sale of Pharao van den Bisschop (Quickly de Kreisker x Indra van den Bisschop by Heartbreaker).


As is customary, the Breeders of the Year are honoured every year on the third Tuesday of September. This year’s title was awarded for the first time this year to a dressage foal and a showjumping foal breeder. The Temmink family from Vorden received the Dressage Horse Breeder’s prize for having bred Boston STH who simply shone under Denise Nekeman, both at the NC and EC Young Riders. This impressive stallion was sold at the 2006 Prinsjesdag Auction and opened this year’s dressage foal auction. The Prinsjesdag title for Showjumping Horse Breeder of the Year was awarded to the Van Loon family from Hooge Mierde. They had also presented a foal in 2006, namely Bonne Chance, the Baloubet daughter that won bronze at last summer’s EC in Aachen under the Swiss Janika Sprunger and since wrote three Grand Prix to her name. Congratulated!
Temmink family from Vorden received the Dressage Horse Breeder’s prize for having bred Boston STH who simply shone under Denise Nekeman.
The Prinsjesdag title for Showjumping Horse Breeder of the Year was awarded to the Van Loon family for breeding Bonne Chance, who is jumping succesfully under Janika Sprunger.
Kayne (Governor x Adorijke van Rousseau) was the best sold dressage foal and went to Adelinde Cornelissen and Gerard Korbeld.


The 2015 edition of Prinsjesdag Foal Auction has entered history as a very special one, where 39 dressage foals and 50 showjumping foals were knocked down by the new auctioneer Koen Olaerts. And again in a new lay-out, where the corner men were standing outside the ring and the breeders on the short side could watch their products being sold, and again all records were broken. Two years after Prinsjesdag saw the total sales rise abo0ve the 1 million euro for the first time, this year’s auction generated the highest average sales price in the showjumping foals category, namely € 14,530. And also the dressage foals fetched good money with an average sales price of € 11,000.
However, the price is not a priority for Prinsjesdag. The price should be a reflection of the quality and in that respect Prinsjesdag wants to play a pioneering role. In 2003 we intentionally chose the Power of Performance to be our objective. Now, 12 years later, this motto of Prinsjesdag becomes more fitting than ever before. Breeding techniques and embryo transplantation and ICSI, as well as the super fast internationalisation of breeding give the idea of performance breeding a new content. There are a lot of newcomers in the sales market of foals that are willing to pay a good price for top-class material. It is up to the European top-class breeders to meet this demand. 
Pharao van den Bisschop (Quickly de Kreisker x Indra van den Bisschop van Heartbreaker) was the auction topper among the jumping foals and was sold to the sponsor of GP rider Andre Sakakini: Anna Gkouskova.
Another interesting development is the growing interest of the riders for foals. As it keeps getting harder to get hold of well trained young horses, riders are showing more interest in acquiring foals with a high expectation value.
The record breaking results of the last auction are not a random incident according to the organisation of Prinsjesdag. The explicit focus on performance introduced 12 years ago was a significant sign. Since then further initiatives were taken for the flourish of this auction. For example, after several years of modest results on the dressage side, the quality standards of the dressage collection have risen sharply. This year’s collection of dressage foals was considered very good by experts in the field. Another policy was to look further ahead than just the Netherlands. The offer in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Ireland, for example, is seriously looked into and assessed. And only when they are up to the quality standards of Prinsjesdag, will they be selected. In addition, Prinsjesdag does not want to be restricted to any studbook or breeding region; all the breeders who invest in top-class material are very welcome to show their products.
Prinsjesdag considers its relationship with the breeders to be curcial for the success of the auction: breeders have to sell their foals and Prinsjesdag needs foals for its auction. By co-operating, you can be more successful. Prinsjesdag deeply appreciates the loyalty of the breeders and is prepared to also invest in that relationship. That is why last year the breeders stands were upgraded so that the auction’s sellers have a place for themselves during the auction.
In the years to come Prinsjesdag will continue its quest for quality, both for the foal auction on the third Tuesday of September and for the embryo’s marketed online at Also in 2016 Prinsjesdag Foal Auction will take place on the third Tuesday of September, the 21st, at the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo. Anyone who already wants to enter any foals (expected in 2016) can download their entry form via the website
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