June 2018

Dear DOT Garden Friends,

Summertime heat has arrived, and we’ve been busy getting the growing areas switched from spring to summer crops. Thankfully, we have six new student interns working in the garden this season to help make light the work. They’re the backbone of the garden during the summer months and we hope you get a chance to meet and chat with them while they’re here.

Our summer classes are off to a great start and we’re so excited to be offering three Family Garden Festivals this year! These are great ways to make the most of the cool part of the day and enjoy a leisurely Saturday morning in the garden. Every event will offer new activities to honor the changes in the season. From recipes and take-home art projects, to dance performances and scavenger hunts, we’ll have lots of activities for the whole family. Did we mention, they’re FREE?!

Grab a sunhat and meet us outside!

--The DOT Garden Crew

Garden tip

Increasing temperature means more evaporation. Help your plants hold onto moisture and cool down your soil with a good layer of mulch. We store leaves from fall to use just for this reason. Don’t have any leaves? Trim and use spring cover crops or try straw. Wood chips are excellent for pathways but can be challenging in a vegetable bed.

Upcoming DOT Gardens Events

Family Garden Festivals

Saturdays June 23
& July 21 9-11am

Bring the kids and enjoy a scavenger hunt, take-home projects, food sampling, games, and more. Sign up at

Seed Saving Workshop

Thurs, August 2, 9-11am

We’re partnering with OASIS to offer The Magic of Seed: Intro to Seed Saving class. Join us for a morning of seed magic. Sign up at

NM Master Gardener Conference 

Aug 31-Sept 2

This event is open to the public and a great way to learn how to foster abundance and sustainability in your own backyard. Sign up at

Food of the moment:
Garlic Scapes!

These tender, green-bean-like garlic treats are making a strong appearance at Farmers’ Markets right now. Roast or sauté them on their own, or add them to soups, sauces, dips, and pesto for a light garlic flavor. Scapes are the immature flower and stem of the garlic plant. A delicious and extremely seasonal vegetable, scapes just may change the way you think about garlic!

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We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

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The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens is a community education and experiential learning space at Albuquerque Academy where we explore sustainability and growing food in the arid southwest. We take the classroom into nature to investigate innovative ideas for cultivating dryland growing and we share this information across the middle Rio Grande region. The DOT Gardens is a space where everyone is welcome to volunteer their time and knowledge to inspire others to fold sustainable living into their lives. We want to support all of Albuquerque becoming more adaptable and resilient.
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