July 2018

Dear DOT Garden Friends,

It’s early July which means our monsoon season is almost here! Seasonal changes in wind patterns bring warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico our direction. The big, puffy cumulus clouds we’re beginning to see are a quintessential sign that moisture is on its way.

We’re ready to make the most of our seasonal precipitation and have been seeding native grasses and flowers in our wild spaces which can germinate with the rainfall. Next week we’ll also plant out our last patch of corn, Hopi Purple, which is a resilient desert corn variety well suited to dryland conditions. Unlike the Rio Grande Blue Corn we’ve been stewarding for several years, which consistently grows close to ten feet tall, the Hopi Purple corn is a shorter, more compact plant, requiring less water.

Join us for a class, volunteer day, or stop by for a picnic! We’d love to show you what’s growing in our garden.

--The DOT Garden Crew

Garden tip

Make the most of the rainy season! Do you have cisterns or rain barrels? Be sure to clear out debris and ensure water can easily flow into your barrels and overflow zones. No rain barrels? No problem! You can use simple earthworks (swales and berms) to capture water as it flows off your roof, sidewalk, or driveway. Shallow dish-shaped features in your yard will help hold onto water.

Upcoming DOT Gardens Events

Pest & Disease Management Workshop

Sat July 7, 9-11am

Learn the basics of how to identify, prevent, and treat pests and problems in your home garden. In partnership with the Water Utility Authority, this class is FREE but there is limited space. You must register to attend at

Family Garden Festival

Saturdays July 21 9-11am

Join us for a morning of family friendly activities and learning to help make the most of your time outside. Come enjoy a scavenger hunt, take home projects, food sampling, games and more!
Event is FREE, but please RSVP at

The Magic of Seed: Intro to Seed Saving Class

Thurs, August 2, 9-11am

While our idea of bounty may often focus on the literal fruits from our gardens, the source of this abundance is seed. Learn the basic skills needed to save your own seeds as well as resources to continue your seed journey. $20 class in partnership with Oasis ABQ. Click here to register. Class # 107.

Teaching Garden 

We love all the ways the garden allows us to teach and share time with our community. To further those goals even more, we’re adding educational signage throughout the garden! Take yourself on a tour of the space and learn more about the vision we have for our two acres. Plus, we’re adding “What’s growing?” signs to all of our food production areas so you can practice your plant ID and get ideas of what varieties to try at home.

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We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

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The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens is a community education and experiential learning space at Albuquerque Academy where we explore sustainability and growing food in the arid southwest. We take the classroom into nature to investigate innovative ideas for cultivating dryland growing and we share this information across the middle Rio Grande region. The DOT Gardens is a space where everyone is welcome to volunteer their time and knowledge to inspire others to fold sustainable living into their lives. We want to support all of Albuquerque becoming more adaptable and resilient.
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