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In early December we kicked off our winter fundraiser for Castro Cares. We thank you for the tremendous amount of support we've received so far. 

Castro Cares provides compassionate care to those at risk and living on the streets in the Castro/Upper Market. Instead of creating our own social service system, Castro Cares taps into the city's existing system. Castro Cares pays for 16 hours a week of homeless outreach workers, from SF HOT, plus the Department of Public Health pays for 4 hours a week of case managers to consistently walk the district, build relationships and connect people to the social services system. Castro Cares homeless outreach workers are also working closely with our community institutions to create trust with those at risk.


Castro Cares fast facts-

In December, the Castro Cares overtime police officers (10B officers) provided added enforcement, an increased presence of police on the street and compassionate services. Some of the work the officers did in the Castro/Upper Market is detailed here:
  • The area around the public library got a lot of attention with 10B officers, making repeated patrols, clearing tent encampments on 16th St. between Pond and Prosper
  • DPW ordered to clean up trash in this area several times
  • On several occasions the officers cleared campers from Jane Warner Plaza, Harvey Milk Plaza and Pink Triangle Park
  • Moved loiterers from 17th and Hartford
  • Officers noted multiple instances of moving people along who were blocking the sidewalk on Castro Street and on Market Street
  • A sex offender was arrested for failing to register and with a warrant for his arrest
  • Moved encampment at 18th and Hartford St
  • Warnings given for loitering near ATM
  • Suspicious person looking into vehicles; warned and told to leave area
On the compassionate care side:
  • 10B Officers sent a psychotic individual to the hospital on a 5150 hold
  • Requested an ambulance for a man high on methamphetamines
  • Provided shelter for a transient female requesting to go to the women’s drop-in shelter
  • Over 100 care packages including new sock and toothbrushes were distributed by the HOT Team (homeless outreach) as a way to build trust
These events are made possible by the outreach of Castro Cares and donations made by you. You make this possible!
For current details on outreach and law enforcement data, see
Loitering and Camping Information

San Francisco Municipal Police Code 25 "No Trespassing" signs are required for police and other law enforcement officers to take action regarding loitering, sleeping, panhandling, etc. on your premises when an owner's representative is not present, such as late at night. To be fully enforceable and effective and in compliance with City rules, the signs must be signed and bear a current-period date. They must be replaced every six months, at the beginning of January for the first half of the year (use a yellow sign), and at the beginning of July for the second half of the year, (use a green sign). Copies of the signs are available from the CBD Dispatch service,  email the CBD.You can also pick up signs from cooperating merchants in the District, P.O. Plus (584 Castro), or at S.F.P.D. Mission Station (630 Valencia at 17th Street.