Week 3! 

(I still miss you! Happy non-quarantining!)

Yoohoo, everyone!! Welcome back to the Lutheran Lowdown!

The root'nist, toot'nist Lutheran email in all the West! 
(and also the east and south and north)

I think I'm going to keep that tagline for every Lowdown because wow, what a fun introduction!

I hope you are enjoying the sun and the wind and the freedom of your mandatory campus quarantine being over & you are no longer stuck in your apartments! I hope that you and your families are safe and that your quarantine was just preventative!

Thank you for everyone who showed up to the First Friday Lunch wayyy back last Friday and for those who went to the first Lutherhaus of the year on Saturday! As always-if you missed them-never fear!! We will continue having these events. We'll leave the light on for you, as Motel 6 would say. 

With that being said...Let's get to it!!


We want to get to know the REAL you...

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK BEFORE I PUT THESE INTROS INTO THE LOWDOWN!!! PLEASE send your picture and bios so I can make this section of the lowdown fun! I have almost every new student and barely any returners! (That's right! I called you out! (with love))

Since many of us are living scattered around the country- we are trying a fun new way to introduce ourselves and get to know more about the person behind the Webex screen! I am asking all who want to participate-to please sent me a picture of yourself along with a description about yourself! The picture can be anything that describes you; a fun & silly picture or a picture on a hike, or a picture with your pets! My hope is to have our pictures in categories such as, "Student", or "Faculty" with descriptions under each name so we can get to know each other's faces, even when we might not be seeing each other in person as much as we would wish.

(These pictures and descriptions will be on the email for at least a month-so if you would not like your picture-feel free to send a description!)

Please send your pictures and descriptions to me at sometime within the next week! (Also, please include whether you are a student or a faculty. I will most likely know which category you are when you email, but if you could still write it, that would rock! (Those of you who have already sent in pictures and descriptions-thank you! I have you marked as students!) Also...please note that if you have already graduated-feel free to send your picture and description too! We are still impacted by your love & we would love to have you in the "Alumni" section-just include your graduation year when you send it!


Every 2 weeks, we will have a fun brunch event on Saturdays called Lutherhaus! It is sort of like a fun Bible study but also sometimes a book study! Whichever one it is at any given week(Bible study or book study)- it is always a place where we can gather and be together and be in community! This past weekend we had our first Lutherhaus online & we want to thank everyone who came! Our wonderful chaplain Jeremy is ready to rock & roll as our chaplain in leading some awesome studies this semester so we can't wait to see you at the next one! Since we had the introductory Lutherhaus this last weekend, we won't have the next one until the 26th. 

(Jeremy passed the info along that Lutherhaus in future studies will be looking at the parallels between Luther and the Peasants War, and Trumpism and the BLM Movement! They can't wait to see you there.)


Weekly Schedule

Monday, September 14 @5:15: Holden Evening Prayer (IN PERSON!!!) Come in your best superhero mask to the CRW courtyard for some fellowship & singing.

Tuesday, September 15: You are loved
Wednesday, September 16: You are cared for (and loved)
Thursday, September 17: You are valued (and loved)
Friday, September 18: You are loved (a lot)


Welcome to the Chuckle Bucket!

Have you ever heard the song "Lucky" by Britney Spears? It starts out with her speaking into the mic saying, "this is the story about a girl named Lucky"...I would like to start this section this week by saying... "this is a story about a girl named Hayley...who just wanted people to send jokes to the Chuckle Bucket or a recipe or something" (I think I could actually make a parody so give me a little bit of time and I'll get there. 

I heard this joke in church today: 

There was a man at the doctors office who was waiting for some test results. When the doctor came in, she said, "I'm so sorry to tell you this...but you have rabies. You don't have much time." Then she left the room to give him time to process this. When she came back in, the man was writing things down on a piece of paper. The doctor asked him, "what are you writing? A letter to your loved ones? Your Will?"
The man responded, "No. I'm making a list of all the people I'm going to bite!"

(The sermon was on forgiveness so it was a very fitting joke!)


Hayley's Tips for Eating Healthy:

  1. Try your best

  2. Don't


    Bonus Recipe!!

    I literally have nothing to give you other than I'm going through a Starburst phase. So I will explain how I eat them (I have a system)
    Open the package up:
    Eat the yellow first. Begrudgingly eat the orange one. Then SAVOR the pink & red ones! (they are the best anyway)
    Get back to yellow, and be glad to be alive! Begrudginly eat the orange one again. YOU GET TO PINK AND RED AGAIN!!!! CELEBRATE!!!! Back to yellow and you're closing in on the end of the pack so you're just happy to be here. Leave the orange one out this round because we don't have that kinda time in this world to eat the junky Starbursts. HALLELUJAH you've reached the red & pink again!!!!! 
    Try to pawn off your orange Starburst so you don't have to eat it or waste it. 
    Love you, bye. 

    (Let me know if you've tried the macaroni & cheese or grew any fruit for your smoothie recipe!)


 See you next week for more fun and information about the Lutheran Group. Send your tips & tricks (recipes and jokes) to me at or!

President: Lindsay Bates
Vice President: Missy Roberts
Secretary: Hayley Moe
Treasurer: Becca Laabs
Chaplain: Jeremy Lambson
Faculty Advisor: Rev. Dr. Dennis Olson

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