(Also, I miss you)
Yoohoo, everyone!! Welcome back to the Lutheran Lowdown!
(The root'nist, toot'nist Lutheran email in all the West!) 
(and also the east and south and north)

Before we hop right into our usual shenanigans, I wanted to introduce what this email is for those who are new! My name is Hayley Moe and I will be the person behind the Lutheran Lowdown this semester. I am from western North Dakota, my favorite color is blue and I have a strangely irrational fear of sharks for someone who lives in a (very) landlocked state! My perfect day would be hiking with my friends & family and then going to get ice cream afterwards. Now that you know ME-my role as secretary is to help keep you updated on all things Lutheran related or just random campus things! This semester will STILL be filled with fun and love and joy-so I hope you are ready to rock & roll. 


(Never fear, events like Lutherhaus and Holden will still be here!!)


*Good News! We have our First Friday Lunch this week so stay tuned for the rest of the email for all the info and the links to join!*

A note from our President!

Hiya Lutherans and Lutheran Sympathizers!

I am really excited to be kicking off another school year, and another year of Lutheran bonding and fun with all of you, near and far. There’s no doubt this year is going to be different than years before, I would say we’re in “unprecedented times” but I’ve read that phrase in the news so frequently lately it’s lost all meaning for me, so I’m going to call this the year of “creative times.” It’s a little clunky, I know, but it certainly puts me in a better headspace. In my experience, the Lutheran Group at PTS is a community of people who get together to support one another, learn more about the Lutheran faith tradition, and have fun, so no matter how creative we need to get this year, I trust those things will continue to happen.


Here’s what we DO know about the Lutheran Group this upcoming year: we will be a community formed in the Lutheran tradition. We will continue to have first Friday lunches, Holden evening prayer, Lutherhaus, and some other events (if you have fun ideas for a remote reformation celebration, please send them my way!). Our leadership team met a fews weeks ago and are really excited to kick off this new school year with our unique Lutheran style!


We also know, unfortunately, that in accordance with PTS’ Health and Wellness guidelines, we cannot have any in person gatherings with people from outside the seminary at this time. This will mean that our annual “Meat and Greet” event where we connect with the broader Princeton area Lutheran community will have to be online, and we regrettably ask all members of the Lutheran Group who are not currently enrolled at PTS or PTS employees to only participate in online events (information and links to these events will be in the Low-Down each week). We also know that singing is a super spreader of the Covid-19 virus and therefore we also cannot sing in person. This also means that Holden Evening prayer will be run as a hybrid model this year. We will be switching between online Holden, where you can sing your hearts out in your own homes, and in-person holden where we will hum along with a recording and get to see all of our beautiful, masked, faces in the flesh. This will mean that you’ll need to check your low-down each week (sent out on Monday mornings) to make sure you know when and where to worship with us, but we think we’re all up to the challenge!


As we begin another school year in these “creative times” know that you are being prayed for, and that the Lutheran Group Exec board is here to support you anyway we can.



Lindsay Bates


Link for first Friday Lunch:


Meeting Number: 172 700 0554

Password: Marty


The first Friday Lunch that Lindsay mentioned above, is where we get together on the first friday of every month to hang out and live our best lives! (my finger didn't reach the "b" when I first wrote "best", so we can also live our "vest" lives together during these lunches too if you'd like. Since we are living in creative times, let's get creative!) 


We CANNOT wait to meet you!

I am writing to you all from my lovely counter in North Dakota-but I want you to imagine me running around outside today yelling "happy first day of school!" and taking first day of school pictures of you on your porch while I tear up from the sidewalk. Welcome to your first year, your middle year, your senior year, your millionth year, or your "how did I get here?" year! You ALL are welcome here! 



We want to get to know the REAL you...

Since many of us are living scattered around the country- we are trying a fun new way to introduce ourselves and get to know more about the person behind the Webex screen! I am asking all who want to participate-to please sent me a picture of yourself along with a description about yourself! The picture can be anything that describes you; a fun & silly picture or a picture on a hike, or a picture with your pets! My hope is to have our pictures in categories such as, "Student", or "Faculty" with descriptions under each name so we can get to know each other's faces, even when we might not be seeing each other in person as much as we would wish.

(These pictures and descriptions will be on the email for at least a month-so if you would not like your picture-feel free to send a description!)

Please send your pictures and descriptions to me at sometime in the next two weeks! (Also, please include whether you are a student or a faculty. I will most likely know which category you are when you email, but if you could still write it, that would rock! (Those of you who have already sent in pictures and descriptions-thank you! I have you marked as students!) Also...please note that if you have already graduated-feel free to send your picture and description too! We are still impacted by your love & we would love to have you in the "Alumni" section-just include your graduation year when you send it!

Weekly Schedule
Thursday Sept 3: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Friday, Sept 4: First Friday Lunch 
12:00 Noon at your homes on Webex!

Saturday, Sept 5: I don't know...maybe mow the lawn?

Sunday, Sept 6: I don't know...probably some homework

Monday, Sept 7: FIRST Holden Evening Prayer!
More info on this on Monday's email because we are still figuring that out!  


Welcome to the Chuckle Bucket!


So Ole and Lena were on a walk around town one day, when all of the sudden Lena fell down and needed help. She couldn't verbally respond to Ole's questions, so he called 9-1-1. When they picked up the phone, they calmed Ole down and asked him where to send the ambulance. Ole looked up at the street sign and frantically said, "We are on Eucalyptus Street!". The operator said, "thank you, Ole. Now, can you spell that for me?" The line went quiet for a minute and all you could hear on the phone line was huffing and puffing. All of the sudden Ole comes back to the phone conversation and is huffing and puffing before he states, "We are on Oak Street! O-A-K!". 

What did the dad buffalo say to the baby buffalo?
-Bye, son. 


Hayley's Amazing Macaroni & Cheese Recipe:

  1. Fill up a pot with water and set it on the burner until it starts to boil.

  2. After it boils, put the noodle of your choice into the pot.

  3. Let these newly poured noodles heat up with the boiling water and stir periodically. 

  4. Once your noodles have been cooking (feel free to test their softness by tasting one or two noodles (don't burn your mouth!)

  5. Strain noodles from water

  6. Pour the strained noodles back into the pot and put it on the burner, but with a lower heat setting

  7. Pour in some milk (you're gonna have to eyeball it here depending on your preference of milk-to-noodle ratio)

  8. Slice up some Velveeta cheese (honestly it's the only cheese I've ever cooked with) and put it into the pot with the noodles and milk

  9. Stir continuously until the  noodles, milk, and cheese have all become One. 

  10. Have a seat, try to enjoy this life as you eat the meal of your dreams.

 See you next week for more fun and information about the Lutheran Group. Send your tips & tricks (recipes and jokes) to me at or!

President: Lindsay Bates
Vice President: Missy Roberts
Secretary: Hayley Moe
Treasurer: Becca Laabs
Chaplain: Jeremy Lambson
Faculty Advisor: Rev. Dr. Dennis Olson

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