Week 2! 

(I still miss you)

Yoohoo, everyone!! Welcome back to the Lutheran Lowdown!

The root'nist, toot'nist Lutheran email in all the West! 
(and also the east and south and north)

I think I'm going to keep that tagline for every Lowdown because wow, what a fun introduction!
I hope you all had a great first weekend of the school year! For those who don't know-you can rent kayaks to paddle down the canal! I am unsure what it's called, but it is off of Alexander Road so if you need something to do, that's a good one! (For more ideas to pass the time-Travel Agent Hayley is here to help.) 

I woke up and thought that yesterday was Sunday & completely lived my day as if it were Sunday! So, had it not been a long weekend-I definitely would have missed some classes. SO PLEASE! Do not feel like you are the only one floating or messing up & wondering how the heck school has already started!! As this experience happened to most of the exec team-we decided that Holden would be better prepared if we held our first one next week! So FOR SURE-next week's Lowdown will have the information for that night's Holden service! 

Thank you for everyone who showed up to the First Friday Lunch and if you missed it-never fear! It'll happen on the first Friday of every month! So we'll be waiting for you next time! We'll leave the light on for you, as Motel 6 would say. 

With that being said...Let's get to it!!


We want to get to know the REAL you...

Since many of us are living scattered around the country- we are trying a fun new way to introduce ourselves and get to know more about the person behind the Webex screen! I am asking all who want to participate-to please sent me a picture of yourself along with a description about yourself! The picture can be anything that describes you; a fun & silly picture or a picture on a hike, or a picture with your pets! My hope is to have our pictures in categories such as, "Student", or "Faculty" with descriptions under each name so we can get to know each other's faces, even when we might not be seeing each other in person as much as we would wish.

(These pictures and descriptions will be on the email for at least a month-so if you would not like your picture-feel free to send a description!)

Please send your pictures and descriptions to me at sometime within the next week! (Also, please include whether you are a student or a faculty. I will most likely know which category you are when you email, but if you could still write it, that would rock! (Those of you who have already sent in pictures and descriptions-thank you! I have you marked as students!) Also...please note that if you have already graduated-feel free to send your picture and description too! We are still impacted by your love & we would love to have you in the "Alumni" section-just include your graduation year when you send it!


Every 2 weeks, we will have a fun brunch event on Saturdays called Lutherhaus! It is sort of like a fun Bible study but also sometimes a book study! Whichever one it is at any given week- it is always a place where we can gather and be together and be in community! For this week's Lutherhaus (September 12!)-we are holding it online so everyone can join and we will have introductions and be lead by our wonderful Chaplain, Jeremy! It is BYOBrunch so come prepared with a bagel or a smoothie (or some cookies, we won't judge). (Webex Link is below in the weekly schedule)


Weekly Schedule

Saturday, Sept 12 @10:30 : FIRST LUTHERHAUS!! BYOB(runch)

Webex Link:

Monday, Sept 14:
FIRST Holden Evening Prayer!
We will send more info on this in next Monday's Lowdown! 


Welcome to the Chuckle Bucket!

Nobody sent any jokes to be featured this week, so you leave me no choice...I found this one on the internet!

Our fourth grader celebrated his birthday on crutches, so he couldn’t carry the cupcakes into school without help. I asked our sixth-grader, Noah, to help his brother carry them in. “I could,” he said, “but I’d prefer not to.” Spotting a teaching moment, my husband asked Noah, “What would Jesus do?” Noah answered, “Jesus would heal him so he could carry his own cupcakes.” —Rachel Nichols"


What did the dad buffalo say to the baby buffalo?
-Bye, son. 

I only kept this joke in again because I have a story to tell! We have some national parks here in the Dakotas and we see buffalo (bison) ALL. THE. TIME. so when we see them, we usually are like 'ok, there's a buffalo'. HOWEVER! I was in South Dakota this past weekend and was driving through Custer State Park to go eat supper with my grandparents and I KID YOU NOT-I was late for pizza because we got caught in a buffalo stampede! 

I cannot insert the video I took but I am putting 2 pictures so you can see how crazy of an experience this was! There were HUNDREDS of bison just hanging out near a campsite (that's not very common for that park for them to just be in one spot) but when a park ranger came over we were like, 'huh, that's weird'.  THEN THEY STARTED RUNNING!! I can't even explain it. They didn't hit any cars or anything (incredible at maneuvering between cars if you ask me). If you ever see me on campus when I move back next month, feel free to ask to see the video because WOW. 

Hayley's Tips (and bonus recipe!) for Making the Perfect Fruit Smoothie:

  1. Go to the grocery store or grow some fruit (do people grow their own fruit?) (In 6th grade I read Marley & Me & the dog Marley would always eat maybe make a mango smoothie with your backyard mango trees)

  2. Perhaps pick up a few more things from the grocery store (might as well, since you're already there!)

  3. Make sure you have picked out a suitable yogurt, (maybe a milk? I haven't figured out whether I like milk in my smoothies or not) various fruits (I tend to use frozen fruits so I don't have to add ice!), and then of course some spinach or something! If you're anything like me, and don't like vegetables-sneak them into your smoothie so you don't have to eat them later!

  4. Make sure you have a blender of some kind, and throw all your fruit, yogurt, and spinach into the blender and get choppin'!

  5. Pour into a cup of your choice and enjoy your smoothie!


    Bonus Recipe!!

    Frozen Fruits to have: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries
    Normal fruit to have: bananas!
    Sneaky Veggies: spinach (but not too much or you'll taste it!)
    Yogurt: personal fave is Yoplait strawberry!

    Add it all together & blend for a wonderful breakfast or smoothie on the go! (I usually try to drink it in the morning so I am less likely to crave ice cream later!)

    (Let me know if you tried last week's macaroni & cheese recipe or if you grew any of your own fruit for this smoothie recipe!)


 See you next week for more fun and information about the Lutheran Group. Send your tips & tricks (recipes and jokes) to me at or!

President: Lindsay Bates
Vice President: Missy Roberts
Secretary: Hayley Moe
Treasurer: Becca Laabs
Chaplain: Jeremy Lambson
Faculty Advisor: Rev. Dr. Dennis Olson

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