• Strong membership base for 2015.
  • With plenty of families joining last year and this, Arlberg has 205 club members and this includes 40 children.
  • Encourage your guests to join!
  • The best new members are the friends/family of current members.  
Membership Joining Fee Special for 2015 – Just $100 per senior!
  • Normally $550 for a couple to join
  • The special means a couple can join for just $200
    • Providing they apply before the 20th application
  • All other conditions of membership apply
  • Membership forms can be down-loaded from the website
or click on link


On opening weekend we had three failures at the club:

When the dishwasher was turned on a loud bang and extremely bright blue flash reflected across the floor tripping the power circuit. On pulling the dishwasher  out and carefully inspecting it further by simulating the fault again, Glen and Reid identified a fried electric rinse motor which had burnt out, mainly from water seepage. 

They listed parts to obtain as telephone contact with local techs suggested Auckland availability only.

Next they noticed a water leak at the pipes above the filters and on  investigation the pipe blew off as the filters had sunk from moisture and ground subsidence - so a call out for our plumbers from Taumaranui to modify the joint; free of the floor joist it was resting on.  Then re-glued it back together.

Another trip back down was staged and a new pump with modified mountings sorted by our specialist with various revamps of pipe work and testing/s as well as other fixings around the club.

They thought it was all sorted..... to keep the ole club working, but then get a call that was no Hot Water in the Kitchen and frozen pipes.  This was found to be the power company turning off supply to that phase because of extreme loading caused by the cold snap.  (load control)

So many things happen in such a harsh environment and  it only because our members volunteer their time and expertise are we able to operate at such affordable rates.


Race weekend got off to a great start, all fed, watered and labelled …. Then due to weather conditions and safety, RAL made the tough decision to not set out the track. Although everyone was a bit disappointed (given everyone was all ready to go in racing bibs & all, but are now hopefully keen to give it a go at a later date).  Despite the weather, we had a great weekend with Pavlova and playing Limbo and Statues. A fantastic bunch of people down at the lodge. A fun, friendly atmosphere!   We are looking to reschedule race weekend to late Sept.


This weekend we want you to let your hair down and really have some fun both on the mountain and off.  During the day up on the mountain the idea is you wear your craziest wig or hat..  That way everyone will know Arlberg members not only are HOT skiers who know how to enjoy themselves.  On Sat night (sorry kids) but the music will be turned up, lights will be dimmed so you can boogie the night away.

What a unique picture taken by Alex Porteous with his Drone

FACEBOOK and our PHOTO Competition

As announced : Every month the best picture posted on the Arlberg Facebook page will WIN a free weekends accommodation.  Members only enter and pictures must be taken this year.

  • If there is a problem with apparent missing items, do the following before making contact with the food officer.
  • Find the delivery docket and tick off the items on the delivery docket.
  • Look twice and thrice in the grocery room, including the freezer, the top and bottom of the shelves and look in both rooms.
  • Only take items with Arlberg on the box/crate/bag.
  • Return the crates on the same day – Arlberg is charged per crate unreturned!
  • Food is ordered, based on accurate stock-takes.
Food Catering and STOCK-TAKES
  • Catering is planned against the stock-take and set menus at the lodge.
  • Ordering is without a doubt – a balance of best endeavours and cost consciousness.
  • When at the lodge:
    • Be imaginative – use what is available
    • Try hash-browns and sausages for breakfasts
  • We have a new notebook computer at the lodge and the food stocktakes have been migrated onto Google Docs as its less complicated to track, free and easy to use.  Access to the stocktake spreadsheet can be gained via the Arlberg club lodge officer responsibilities tab on our website or via Google Doc which is on the Windows log in page.

  • Excellent start to the season.
  • More bookings July this year than last year!
  • August bookings are also coming in fast, with almost 300 nights booked already.
  • Reminder to the 2015 Weekend booking rule:
    • The minimum two night weekend rule prevails for bookings made up to 8pm Friday.
    • If members wish to stay in the lodge for Saturday only, they must wait until after 8pm Friday to book.
  • Book forward rather than cancel a booking.
    • keeps you in control of your money
    • reduces the work-load for our Treasurer and our Booking Officer – both volunteers
    • saves the club valuable money (every refund transaction costs the club)
    • To book forward – click on the   icon within the booking form
  • Refunds are processed end of season.
    • The committee has made this change in consideration of the following:
      • Easier and less time consuming if all refunds are processed at one time.
      • Refunds require manual processing by two people.
      • Encouragement for club members to book forward in preference to cancelling (see above).

Cancellation timing change – effective 1 September – move to 4 day limit

This change:

  • Provides consistency for all (weekend) booking related timeframes.
  • Improves planning for food orders.
  • Simplifies guest wait-list process.
  • Provides more time and certainty for those seeking car-pooling assistance.
  • Slows down the rate of cancellations, thus freeing up volunteer time and resources.

For weekends i.e. arrive Friday:-
Changes to confirmed bookings need to be made by 8pm Monday.
Wait-list process for guests remains the same, 8pm Monday.

Reasoning behind changes.

It has become evident  through member feedback and extra work load being created to members of the committee that the inconsistencies of the booking system and members cancelling their  bookings have led to changes requiring investigation and remedy. The committee has been looking at ways to streamline and improve process around Bookings, Booking forward vs. Cancelation, Food ordering process and have come up with a list of changes that will provide consistency, while keeping club members in control of their bookings and freeing the volunteer committee positions to focus on the important tasks at hand. 



The committee and Building Subcommittee have been in ongoing  discussions around the planning &  repairs  to the Dining room / Firewood. Discussions have been had, engineered plans have been drafted and window options have been proposed, and currently club member David Boersen is in discussion with D.O.C in regards to agreement to this work being carried out under minor works.

We are progressing this forward and need D.O.C approval in the first instance to Progress.

Below is David’s Proposed timeframe to the work progressing, we will update you when we have approval from D.O.C

Proposed timeline for project

July 2015 – Agreement in principle from DoC

July/August – application lodged with DoC

August/September  – application approved by DoC

October – Building consent prepared and lodged with Ruapehu District Council

November – Building consent granted

January 2016  – building commences

March 2016  – building works completed

The Haute Route
 by Jim Scharfe
April 2015
In April this year I had the pleasure of skiing The Haute Route which starts in Chamonix and ends in Zermatt.  It is without a doubt one of the most scenic ski tours in the world. Using mountain huts to allow skiers to stay high and cover substantial distances, it winds through the highest, most dramatic peaks of the Alps from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. It requires good weather, favourable ski conditions, and a very strong effort to complete. Because of this, roughly half the skiers who begin this tour do not complete it. First successfully completed in 1911, it has a good many variations to the route, our trip was no different.  At the beginning we added a day of ski touring by descending the Valle Blanche and Mer de Glace from L’Aiguille du Midi.  This was a super impressive one day trip down a couple glaciers winding its way through ice falls, huge saracs, open crevices, snow bridges, etc.  A good start on a beautiful sunny day. For the trip I was with three friends from New Plymouth, and our Mountain guide Phillippe.  After deciding to do the trip the group elected to go through a guide service, On Top Mountaineering, they supply a guide for the duration. Phillippe the guide was invaluable, a huge wealth of mountain knowledge and smarts. For 20 years he was head of Mountain rescue in Chamonix, so he had a few stories to tell. Plus we were all impressed with his professional attitude, and ability to make us all laugh.  The trip itself is hard work, if you decide to take a trip like this on, you must be in top physical condition, you will push yourself quite hard.  So if you want to enjoy this, one has to be in good shape.  We all trained for 6 months prior, and that made a huge difference in our enjoyment. Whats involved? Skiing through huge Glaciers, skinning up hill, with skins and ski cramp on’s, carrying your skis in your pack (average weight of about 10-12 Kgs with all your required gear) booting packing with cramp ons, rope work, climbing up Cols. And skiing endlessly down, down and further down, all the while knowing at some stage you will be skinning back up. It was one the best trips I have ever done, everything was on a grand scale. The days are long, psychically demanding, but boy did you feel good doing it. The scenery is stunning, peaks in every direction.  Our last day we had to opt out due to heavy snowfall, white out conditions and avalanche danger.  At the last hut Vignettes, we aborted the trip, and skied down to the valley floor.  This was a wise decision, so to make up for this the guide suggested we climb Mt. Breithorn the next day on our own.  So we hit the local mountain shop, bought a rope, and summited Mt. Breithorn (4165M) and then ran into a couple German fellas on the summit, they said stick with us and they took us for a fantastic run down and out through the Schwarze Glacier, which took us to the end of the day.  That was a super hairball experience.  Especially the outrun, negotiating around waterfalls, crevices, rock faces, etc.  Let us say a great it was superb skiing and route finding.  I managed to lose my ice axe that day, so if your there and find one, my names on it! I am sure some lucky soul will find it this summer. I could go on and on about this trip as it was one of coolest things you can do on skis.  If anyone would like to discuss it, I am a club member, and can be contacted easily on 027-274-9328.