FastTracking MSIX to the Enterprise

MSIX is the preferred modern packaging format and delivery methodology. Especially when Microsoft WVD is used. But when that's not an option because of application compatibility reasons, you need to have plan B in place. Liquit and XenTegra recently did a webinar about FastTracking MSIX to the Enterprise.

Using SmartFTP Client as an example, this webinar covers what it means using either MSI/MST, MSIX, MSIX app attach and App-V to deliver an application using a true modern workspace. Can you spot which technique is used by either one of these Smart Icons? If not, good! Because that's what we do: we take this complexity away in Liquit Workspace. Just use the packaging and delivery method which fits your organization best, start the application and Liquit Workspace takes care of the rest.
Setup Store Titles - We have a winner!

In response to our post in the previous edition of TechNews, we have received a number of titles to be added to the Setup Store. The winner of the Liquit poloshirt requested the application NetLogo, which is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment. It is used by many hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, and researchers worldwide.

Bernd van de Sanden. Congratulations, we will reach out to you shortly!!
Video: Repackaging SmartFTP Client to MSIX

This video shows how to select and download SmartFTP Client from the Liquit Setup Store and repackage this to MSIX using Liquit Setup Commander's Repackaging Wizard and the MSIX Packaging Tool. View now.
A Glimpse into the Future of Application Delivery

How about a glimpse into the future? No, it's not the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery. How will applications be provisioned in the future? Take a look into the crystal ball here.
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New products added to the Setup Store

Amazon Corretto
Autodesk DWG Trueview 2021
Avid Link
NordLocker for Mac 2.4.1
NetLogo 6.1.1
NetLogo for Mac 6.1.1
OpenVPN 2.5.019
VMware Horizon Client
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