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Market News

Are you looking for an unusual Valentine's Day gift, one that is calorie-free and smells delicious enough to eat? Give a beautiful basket of herb plants from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse in Hillsboro. These plants, each in its own 3 inch diameter pot, can be kept on a sunny windowsill and clipped throughout the winter to add flavor to your Valentine's cooking. Set the herb plants into the garden in spring, where they will thrive and are winter-hardy. Put together your own selection of plants from the listing on this week's market.  The baskets will also be available after Valentine's Day, with an Easter or spring theme.

Amy Rae of Solace Farm in Coalmont just listed a little freshly home-ground home-grown CNG Hopi Blue corn flour.  She also added a few pounds of carrots and promises more to come soon.

Farmer Brown's in McMinnville is pleased to offer Micro-Greens this week. They have Giant Red Mustard, Spicy Mix and Upland Cress. They are in their own grow units. Cut off what you need and allow the rest to continue growing.

KIC Produce in Tullahoma has seasonal CSA options for both Spring and Summer with discounted pricing for a limited time!!!

Fountain Springs Farm in Morrison reports that they will have pork back on the market this week. Pork chops, Boston butts, cutlets, ribs, and sausage will all be available. Stock up on pasture raised pork this winter!
Click here to sign in and place your order. (between Saturday at 5 pm and Monday at 10 am).

Local Food Links

Middle Tennessee Growers is a Grower's Organization based in Nashville. They are a wealth of information about local food happenings and their website currently highlights many local events including the beginning of a biodynamic agriculture chapter and  information on where to learn more about Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).

Here's an interesting article on backyard chickens and parasites from Modern Farmer.

Congratulations to Archie Stapleton and family (known on the market at Helen's Half Acre) for being named Franklin County Conservation Farmer of the year for 2015!

Helen Stapleton reminds other farmers that USDA NRCS has money available for land rehabilitation, fencing off waterways, and even building hoop houses. If you don't already know the people at your Soil Conservation District, go and say hello. They are there to help.

UT Law School to work with Rooted Here

Tax status has been a looming question for our organization for some time and we are pleased to announce a new partnership which may provide us with some answers. This semester law students from UT will be working with our board to help us determine a tax structure that would best suit the goals of our organization. We are looking forward to this collaboration and we'll let everyone know what we learn.
The South Cumberland Farmer's Market and the South Cumberland Food Hub are divisions of Rooted Here, located in Sewanee, Tenn., an organization of farmers, artisans, and agricultural producers who work together to facilitate and expand the sale of local products; provide education, services, and support to farmers and consumers; and lay the groundwork for a just, equitable, and sustainable local food economy.

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