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Market News

Did you know that you can have your market order delivered if you live on the Domain? Rachel Lynch will happily deliver your order for a small fee. Simply include a Domain Delivery in your cart as you would any other item and Rachel will be in touch to get your details.
Bountiful Harvest now has delicious molasses available in quart and pint sizes. Their deep dark molasses is prepared from local sorghum using traditional methods. Molasses is a southern favorite. Even if your not from the south, we're sure you'll understand once you taste it. Look for it under processed foods, syrups.
COFFEE is once again available! We are glad to welcome a new producer, Fuel so good coffee roasters. They create small batch, hand crafted single origin and blends from certified fair trade ORGANIC green coffee beans. They are a certified fair trade USA partner. Check out their grower profile for more information on their high quality specialty coffees.
Michael's Farm is offering Long Island cheese PUMPKINS just in time for the holidays. They are delicious in savory dishes as well as in pies.

Brown's Hollar Creations is covered up in greens!  They will have turnip greens a' plenty, mixed lettuce, Buttercrunch, Romaine, kale, 2 kinds of parsley and eggs.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse is offering a fabric-lined basket filled with three herb plants, each in their own 4" pot.  These pretty baskets will make a great Thanksgiving decoration or hostess gift. Herbs included will be those commonly used in baking and cooking, a great addition to any kitchen. Specify your preference of herbs from this list: lemon balm; orange, pineapple, apple, chocolate, spearmint, or grapefruit mint; Greek or variegated oregano; silver-edged, English, common, variegated lemon, citrus, or lime thyme. I will e-mail you a list of the plants included, as well as their uses. Basket #1 is approximately 8-9" round with a handle, but may be different from the picture on the market. Pattern of fabric may vary, but will be fall/Thanksgiving themed.
Click here to sign in and place your order. (between Saturday at 5 pm and Monday at 10 am).

Questions about the market? Click here to learn more or email the market managers.

Rooted Here Board Meeting

Rooted Here board members will meet on Tuesday the 10th at 2 pm. All members are welcome, board members are expected. If you would like to attend or have something added to the agenda for the meeting please click here.

Local Chicken Celebration this Sunday at the McClurg Dining Hall in Sewanee

From Chef Rick Wright:

"Grass-fed, pastured, organic chickens, grown the old-fashioned way, are still available throughout the U.S. from family farms who care about their animals and provide them with good, healthy diets and lifestyles. Their meat is much healthier and tastier than industrial chicken, and they come bad-karma free! (or almost).

In an effort to lead the way in supporting family farms and purchasing local food, Sewanee Dining will begin serving Local Fried Chicken every Sunday beginning this Sunday.

We are sourcing this chicken from small independent USDA inspected Farms here on the Cumberland Plateau. These chickens are free roaming and have a cruelty and antibiotic free existence. They are harvested with grace and come to us fresh and delicious. 
In addition to this, the money that is spent on this product stays in our local economy, allowing the farms to improve and expand production. This relationship provides a secure continuous market for our family farms insuring their existence for years to come.
We look forward to frying up some of the best local grown chicken you have ever had."

At 12:30 on Sunday the 8th, local farmers will celebrate the beginning of this collaboration with a feast at the McClurg Dining Hall. All are welcome (meals are $10.38 per person for the public).

Local Food Links

Amy Rae has found time in her busy life to update her blog! Click here to check in and see what's new at Solace Farm.
The South Cumberland Farmer's Market and the South Cumberland Food Hub are divisions of Rooted Here, located in Sewanee, Tenn., an organization of farmers, artisans, and agricultural producers who work together to facilitate and expand the sale of local products; provide education, services, and support to farmers and consumers; and lay the groundwork for a just, equitable, and sustainable local food economy.

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