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Winning photo of Zucchini papardelle with pesto and fresh marinara sauce by Lynn Cimino-Hurt.

Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to two amazing Lynns: Lynn Blankenship of Dayspring Farm and Lynn Cimio-Hurt of Sewanee. After careful consideration, and a limited number of entries, the board has decided to reward both entries with a $25 gift certificate!

A Letter from Frost Farm

Hello everyone! We are Van and Paula Frost that moved here from Florida two years ago for Tennessee's natural beauty. We were both in the Marine Corps in the 80's and 90's and became teachers in Florida when we got out.  In 2011, we both worked in Afghanistan for the Army until I came back in 2013 to secure our dream to own a farm in Tennessee. We fell in love with Sewanee and the surrounding communities for the friendly people and breathtaking farmland. We selected a 15-acre farm on Sewanee's mountain top and immediately started raising chickens, ducks and goats. Our chickens free range all day with a supplement of Dumor Crumble and scratch grain. Our flock includes Rhode Island Reds, Stars, Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers and Copper-Marans that I have doted over since they were hatched and am proud of their health and happiness. In the spring, we will have baby Nubian goats available and hope to have duck eggs available for you by this time next year. We also currently rent land for horses and cows and are planning to start building our own herd of cows soon. Thanks to everyone here for making us feel so welcome which solidified our decision to settle in this area of Tennessee, and a special shout out to Dee, Stephen and Erich Eichler of Three Oaks Farm for being an invaluable resource and help in times of great need.
Winning photo of Squash Soup by Lynn Blankenship.

Market News

We welcome Frost Farm to the online market this week where they have eggs. (Please see their letter to the community included in this newsletter.)

Garlic from Solace Farm is discounted for quick sale. Amy has a limited amount of garlic storage space and cannot store garlic indoors so she must sell it now. Make sure to stock up on garlic while it's available.

Michael's Farm is now selling Kennebec potatoes on the market. Junior Michaels of Michael's Farm is know for his potatoes (he's a 7th generation potato farmer) and is pleased to offer a variety of sizes this week.

Brown's Hollar Creations has kale, turnip greens, Butter crunch & Romaine lettuce and eggs for sale this week.
Roasted Squash (or Pumpkin)
with Goat Cheese

Local Food Links

Leslie's Food Justice Blog - Local farmer and novelist, Leslie Lytle, has posted a new blog entry on GMO's and farming in America which asks if we are focusing on the right questions.
The South Cumberland Farmer's Market and the South Cumberland Food Hub are divisions of Rooted Here, located in Sewanee, Tenn., an organization of farmers, artisans, and agricultural producers who work together to facilitate and expand the sale of local products; provide education, services, and support to farmers and consumers; and lay the groundwork for a just, equitable, and sustainable local food economy.

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